Ago() not returning all rows or row limits for query?

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I am running
| where TimeGenerated  > ago(91d)
| where ResourceType == "APPLICATIONGATEWAYS" and OperationName == "ApplicationGatewayPerformance"

However, I am not getting more than 12 days "ago" of data.  Is this a limit to the tool, am I hitting a row limit, or is there a historical limit to how much data I can pull?


I am doing the export to Power BI M query and running it from there.



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Could you please add a "| count" at the end of your query to confirm how many rows are being returned? The Log Analytics UI will cut you off at 10,000 and when importing to Power BI, you'll be limited to 500,000 rows or Power BI's data model limit. If this is not the case, please let us know, and we'll dig into what else the issue might be.





I have tried similar queries on our test data and I wasn't able to reproduce this behavior. Changing the Ago parameter changed the end results even in high numbers.

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