SLES PAYG OS licensing

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Hello, could anyone please explain some detail about this process. I had the opportunity to migrate some vm loads with PAYG from a different cloud providers to azure vm, using Azure Site recovery (before to get depredecated) and I couldn't find any way to keep the PAYG licensing model on azure. The workaround was change to BYOL and get a license from SLES. Is this already supported with Azure Migrate ?

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PAYG support is currently only available for VMs deployed of the marketplace image. VMs migrated using the Azure Migrate Server Migration tool are treated as the bring your own VM scenario described here:

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Just to complement your answer, I found this article which confirm your answer:


"Azure Hybrid Benefit is available for all RHEL and SLES PAYG images from Azure Marketplace. The benefit is not yet available for RHEL or SLES BYOS images or custom images from Azure Marketplace."