Required network bandwidth

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Is there a way how to estimate required network bandwidth / throughput for migrated workloads to work properly after migration? Can Azure Migrate help with this estimation?

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@DanBorik22 For an agent-based method of replication, the Deployment planner can help profile the environment for the data churn and help predict the necessary bandwidth requirement. To learn more, view this article.


For agentless VMware migration, you can work out the bandwidth requirement based on the volume of data needed to be moved in the wave and time within which you would like initial replication to complete (ideally you’d want initial replication to have completed at least 3-4 days prior to the actual migration window to give you sufficient time to perform a test migration prior to the actual window and to keep downtime to a minimum during the window).


You can estimate the bandwidth or time needed for agentless VMware VM migration using the following formula:


Time to complete initial replication = {size of disks (or used size if available) * 0.7 (assuming a 30 percent compression average – conservative estimate)}/bandwidth available for replication.