Migration Windows 2003 and 2008 using ASR

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Hello Everyone,


As we all know windows server 2003 migration not supported by ASR, also 2008 not supported by ASR.

Client want to migrate those servers migrate to Azure using ASR. Can you please let me know any other way or is it possible to migrate using ASR?


If migration possible through ASR, is there any issue after or during migration for windows 2003 and 2008?   

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Hi, 2008 is supported for physical and Vmware to Azure migrations - https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/azure/site-recovery/vmware-physical-azure-support-matrix#replicated...


it's not supported for hyperV. There is no support for 2003.


If you ASR the server to Azure, you cannot upgrade the OS in place, you would have to rebuild and migrate data. If OS upgrade is required, I'd recommend doing it on-prem first, then ASR.





I haven't migrated 2003 my self to Azure but have heard of ways to get this done.


Speaking to a certified architect he has said often he will get a VM in Azure then run Hyper-V on that. From there he will migrate/ upgrade things from within the nesting, use case was upgrading SQL server 1 version at a time. For this case you could at least get the VM in Azure then copy/ migrate as needed to newer VM's.


Hope this link helps for nested virtulization


@blakem2  Thanks. I have already did



Hi you can use Cloud Simple if it is  vmware workload to replicate 

If it's Hyper V Workloads someone has suggested to use An Iaas Workload install Hyper V to host VM 


Keep it mind workloads are not the responsibility of Microsoft if you do so