Memory required by VSS provider installation / Mobility Agent Troubleshooting

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Hi All,

Anyone know exactly how much memory is needed to remedy this error?


The requested operation did not complete.
Provider error
Provider error code: 95505
Provider error message:
 Installation of the mobility services on server failed with error code EP0943.
Provider error possible causes:
 Memory required for the installation of VSS provider is not available.
Provider error recommended action:
 Azure Site Recovery installs VSS provider on the machine as a part of mobility agent installation. It might be possible that the system doesn’t have required available memory for the installation due to heavy usage. Please retry again once the system memory is available.
I am running a server that has 256GB of Memory but nearly all of it is used by SQL server.  I don't want to have to shut down SQL server to install the mobility agent, if that can be avoided.


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Any chance you can limit the SQL instance to leave 4-5GB of RAM for the OS? If you make that change in SQL management studio you will have to bounce the service. Once that is completed you should be able to install VSS no problem.


You can also use the following command to install VSS manually.

C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Azure Site Recovery\agent>"C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Azure Site Recovery\agent\InMageVSSProvider_Install.cmd"


 @John Wildes 

@Bryan Haslip Thanks for the suggestion Bryan, we just put through a change control on this and adjusted the settings.  Got the VSS provider installed.


@John Wildes Glad to hear you got it squared away sir! Just out of curiosity was it any of my suggestions above that allowed you to install it?