How to upload files to Azure Virtual Machine

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I am going to deploy a Windows Server 2016 Virtual Machine in Azure. After that, I would like to upload to this VM about 400 GB of files which are stored in my local File System .


How can I achieve it?


I was thinking in the following ways:

  • Through copy-paste, but I would lose the control of the process if it fails.
  • Using but only offers the service if you upload files to Azure Blob Storage and I don't know if it is possible to use it with Virtual Machines.
  • With Data Box, but this is only for large amount of data and I only need to upload 400 GB.  
  • Using another soluction (eg 'VeeamFastSCPAzure')  


Any suggestion?


Thank you very much!

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@Enrique Sanchez 


You could try looking at using Azure Files with Azure File Sync or Windows 2019 Storage Migration Service and Windows Admin Center.

@Enrique Sanchez 


Hi you can try the storage service migration  to migrate servers or / data  via Windows Admin Center

You can also use  AZ Copy to copy files .

@Michael Tang 

Thank you very much. I will try it!


Thank you very much. 

@Enrique Sanchez 


You're Welcome !