Cloud Center of Excellence (CCoE) en Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework (MCAF)

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Soon a customer of us will start with the implementation of a CCoE en will use the Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework. what would be the first thing to do?

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Hi @Andracer !


You can start with the doc here:  Build a migration plan with Azure Migrate - Azure Migrate | Microsoft Docs

Below are the steps we would recommend:

1. Defining your cloud migration goal and understand what scenarios you are interested in

2. Select the assessment and migration tool in Azure Migrate and choose from the first party tools or ISVs based on the customer's scenario: About Azure Migrate - Azure Migrate | Microsoft Docs

2. Perform discovery on the datacenter to understand the digital estate

3. Perform an assessment and create a migration plan. 

4. Perform migration

Let us know if this is what you were looking for.