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I have this classic ASP application (ASP/javascript/css/html) working with SQL server which I want to move to AZURE. I already did a proof of concept which worked fine. 

But is our business case it can be possible that we do not have an internet connection sometime. I do want to user to have the possibility to enter data (which must be cached and will be send to SQL server when the internet connection is available again).


I my scenario what solution can be advised?


Thanks, Mike 

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If I understand you correctly, you want to move the APP to Azure, but keep the SQL on premise ? 
Couldn't you use Azure SQL instead ? and get rid of the on premise SQL server all together ?

Sorry for the confusion. I want the SQL server to Azure as well.

if it's a mobile app, you could use the Offline data sync feature.


If it's a desktop app, perhaps something like SQLlite could be used ?



It's not a mobile app. Just a webapplication which, sometimes, is used on a tablet in places where Internet can be poor/none. I do want the user to be able to enter data, which can be processed when internet is available again.

Could you explain how the app works now with SQL onprem? What is the version? Describe the whole process. If you decide to go webapp and SQL IAAS: it is the same process but without any knowledge of the network\architecture: i can only speculate...