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Hi All


I need to create Hybrid Microsoft Cloud solution for my customer , where I need to migrate some of the legacy applications at cloud in IaaS model , some of the latest and new website would be at PaaS  model  I need to use  Azure Active directory for authentication /authorization  and these cloud resources need to talk with  On-premise systems  like  some database /domain controller or  OLTP data need to to upload with SQL Data warehouse very  frequently at scheduled time 


Now my question is if I choose VPN sites to site option to connect on-premise network with azure then  would it be fine for my PaaS resources which can communicate with On-premise system or still i need to install on-premise gateway ,Relay services ect.



Yashpal Singh


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My apologies for a very late reply to this but this is pretty straight forward. You will enable the service endpoints for your platform as a service offerings. Please see the article below and let me know if you are still exploring this and I would be happy to help.