After Migration from SM to RM - CleanUp Tasks

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Dear All,


We've just completed a migration from SM to RM. All components migrated successfully, but there is some clean-up tasks I need some advice on.


1. There is a NSG (Classic) still showing under all resources. I can see the need NSG has been created so is it save to just delete the NSG (Classic)?


2. When migrating the ExpressRoute, it migrated into a pre-existing Resource Group. However, when I migrated the Virtual Network, Cloud Services, VM's and Storage Account, they migrated into Resource Groups named with "-Migrated" in the name. My question here is, how can I move items from one Resource Group to another. I've tried but I got an error message saying not all component can be migrated. Or, can I simple just rename the Resource Groups with causing any issues in the background?





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