Azure Marketplace new offers – Volume 91
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We continue to expand the Azure Marketplace ecosystem. For this volume, 91 new offers successfully met the onboarding criteria and went live. See details of the new offers below:


Abnormal Security - Free Trial.png

Abnormal Security - Free Trial: Abnormal Security’s platform protects enterprises from advanced targeted attacks via anomalous behavior detection, which enables it to stop business email compromise and email account compromises that lead to socially engineered attacks.


AdsertiCredit: AdsertiCredit is a cloud-based credit management platform that enables users to efficiently manage the entire credit lifecycle while remaining compliant with regulations. This app is available in Spanish.

AI-OCR Jijira.png

AI-OCR Jijira: Asilla Inc. offers this high-precision, low-cost cloud service that reads characters on forms and transforms them into digital data. Available only in Japanese, the solution can be customized for atypical and special fonts.

Audit Common Data Model.png

Audit Common Data Model: Designed primarily for the professional services industry, Engine B Limited's open data standard and access mechanism for structured and unstructured data defines the requirements used to deliver financial audits.

BANK R.png

BANK R: BANK R focuses on the management issues faced by regional financial institutions, and it provides packages in areas where high expertise is required, such as loan and review, sales channel construction, and risk analysis. This app is available only in Japanese.

bbv Platform for Industrial IoT.png

bbv Platform for Industrial IoT: The bbv Platform for Industrial IoT serves as your foundation to connect industrial devices easily and securely. Based on Microsoft Azure IoT Hub, bbv's solution aims to revolutionize the IoT lifecycle – from analysis, design, and development to industrialization and change management.

Bitvore Cellenus Data Sets.png

Bitvore Cellenus Data Sets: Bitvore's Cellenus Data Set offering provides financial market researchers, analysts, and portfolio managers access to AI-powered leading indicators for opportunity identification and risk management. Drive better business outcomes for customers with Bitvore.

Cegid Loop.png

Cegid Loop: Available in French, Cegid Loop helps accountants optimize customer relationships and differentiate themselves from competitors. Improve your firm's productivity, boost customer relationships, and manage payroll and administration while ensuring you remain compliant.

CentOS 6.10 Cloud Ready.png

CentOS 6.10 Cloud Ready: Cloud Whiz Solutions offers this pre-configured, ready-to-run image of CentOS 6.10. CentOS is a popular Linux distribution running in hosted cloud environments.

CentOS 7 Minimal.png

CentOS 7 Minimal: Tidal Media Inc. provides this pre-configured, ready-to-run image of CentOS 7 Minimal. CentOS 7 Minimal is mainly used as a common base system on which other appliances can be built and tested.

CentOS 7.7 Cloud Ready.png

CentOS 7.7 Cloud Ready: Cloud Whiz Solutions offers this pre-configured, ready-to-run image of CentOS 7.7. CentOS is a popular Linux distribution running in hosted cloud environments.

CentOS 7.8 Cloud Ready.png

CentOS 7.8 Cloud Ready: Cloud Whiz Solutions offers this pre-configured, ready-to-run image of CentOS 7.8. CentOS is a popular Linux distribution running in hosted cloud environments. 

Central Management Console for Guardian Appliances.png

Central Management Console for Guardian Appliances: Nozomi Networks' Central Management Console (CMC) delivers operational technology and IoT security management for distributed networks of any size. CMC integrates with your IT security infrastructure for streamlined workflows and faster responses to threats and anomalies.

Cloud Archive.png

Cloud Archive: GE Healthcare's Cloud Archive is a vendor-neutral, cloud-based data storage service for healthcare imaging data. It provides peace of mind by offloading the burden of managing onsite storage and helps prevent loss of critical patient data in the event of a disaster.

Coder Enterprise (Azure).png

Coder Enterprise (Azure): Coder Enterprise automatically configures, secures, and powers an organization's dev environments on Kubernetes infrastructure. The pre-configured environments allow for a project's language and tooling dependencies to be source-controlled along with the code itself.


ConnectTeams: ConnecTEAMS enables organizations to extend the benefits of Microsoft Teams by enabling the use of existing video and voice devices and ensuring interoperability with customers and suppliers regardless of their infrastructure. This app is available only in Italian.

Convertigo for Azure.png

Convertigo for Azure: Convertigo's mobility platform delivers a secure and scalable open-source solution, integrating rapid cross-platform mobile development tools and a powerful Mobile Backend as a Service (MBaaS) covering backend connectivity and featuring middleware optimized for mobility.

COVID-19 Remote Monitoring and Compliance.png

COVID-19 Remote Monitoring & Compliance: Optimized for the Fitbit Versa 2, ConnectedLife Health Pte Ltd.'s COVID-19 Remote Monitoring & Compliance app is a highly accessible, simple-to-use solution for unsupervised monitoring in a clinical or home setting that delivers vital signs and case compliance.

Databriz Project Management Portal.png

Databriz Project Management Portal: The Databriz Project Management Portal delivers up-to-date work plans and project status to help you ensure workloads are distributed evenly among employees while minimizing costs and avoiding unnecessary downtime. This app is available only in Russian.

Data Management and Analytics Platform.png

Data Management and Analytics Platform: Data Management and Analytics Platform (DMAP) is Cubic Transportation Systems’ solution for all transit and traffic agency data needs. DAMP’s advanced analysis and data management tools deliver robust data insights from multiple sources, regardless of location, format, or volume.

Data Quality Management Platform.png

Data Quality Management Platform: BaseCap Analytics’ Data Quality Management Platform helps you make better business decisions by increasing the quality of your greatest asset: data. The end-to-end platform covers each stage of the data quality management process and can be adapted to your environment.

Docker - Community Engine Server on Ubuntu 20.04.png

Docker - Community Engine Server on Ubuntu 20.04: Cloud Infrastructure Services offers this pre-configured, ready-to-run image of Docker Engine - Community server on Ubuntu 20.04. Docker is a platform for developers and system administrators to build, run, and share applications with containers.

Dynamics 365 CRM to Outlook Integration.png

Dynamics 365 CRM to Outlook Integration: Integrate Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement and Microsoft Outlook in four easy steps with RoboMQ's Connect iPaaS. Ensure all your carefully tracked relationships receive timely, pertinent responses.


eduMENTORS: Fully integrated with Microsoft Teams and OneNote, A.S. Adrian Stern's eduMENTORS platform enables teachers to easily share their objectives, content, and methods with students and parents. This app is available only in Polish.


Epsagon: The Epsagon SaaS platform delivers automated, cloud-native application performance monitoring and troubleshooting. With Epsagon, microservices customers know whether apps are working properly along with what's currently running in production.


ExactDocs: ExactDocs is a document automation, generation, and template management platform that helps you ensure all your documents are compliant. Integrated with Microsoft Automate and InRule, ExactDocs can generate documents based on complex rule sets and workflows.

Extract Data to SharePoint from Dynamics 365 CRM.png

Extract Data to SharePoint from Dynamics 365 CRM: Efficiently manage company resources by integrating Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement to SharePoint on RoboMQ's Connect iPaaS. The solution enables users to create or update files in a SharePoint document library as objects are created or updated in Dynamics 365.

Federal GovCloud DSO Turnkey Solution.png

Federal GovCloud DSO Turnkey Solution: TechTrend Inc.’s FedGovCloud DevSecOps PaaS helps government agencies and organizations build agile and secure software. This custom platform is FedRAMP-ready at the moderate level and brings together open-source and proprietary tools to securely automate your CI/CD pipeline.

Food Categories Recognition API.png

Food Categories Recognition API: Foodivisus, a food categories recognition API, uses custom AI models to analyze and categorize images of food. This REST API can be used with image files or image URLs.

GoToConnect- For Microsoft Teams.jpg

GoToConnect – For Microsoft Teams: Take your Microsoft Teams experience to the next level with GoToConnect, Qunifi Ltd.’s hosted voice service for Teams. Users can place calls and receive calls to their number directly within the application. GoToConnect features include SMS, MMS, call routing, auto attendants, call queues, faxing, and more.

Hubzilla Decentralized Social Network on Ubuntu.png

Hubzilla Decentralized Social Network on Ubuntu: This pre-configured image offered by Tidal Media Inc. contains Hubzilla on Ubuntu. Hubzilla is a platform for creating interconnected websites featuring a decentralized identity, communications, and permissions framework.

IntelliMatch MRS.png

IntelliMatch MRS: FIS Global’s Intellimatch solution addresses challenges with managed reconciliation such as inaccuracy, fragmentation, variation, convolution, and degradation among data. IntelliMatch empowers managed reconciliation service (MRS) professionals to support and track all data integrity and reconciliation processes from one place.

IoTConnect Platform.png

IoTConnect Platform: Avnet’s IoTConnect platform solves complexities involved in successfully deploying IoT ecosystems. The platform allows you to connect any sensors, assets, and machinery, enables data transmission, and lets you remotely monitor your IoT ecosystem.

Lend in- end to end digital lending suite.png end to end digital lending suite: Lend.In enables banks and lending businesses to originate and manage loans directly to customers. Using Lend.In, banks can enable end-to-end straight-through-processing (STP) or bionic loan origination journeys through the web, through mobile, or via kiosks, salesforce tablets, or other channels.


MessageLeap: MessageLeap offers two-way business texting from a business mobile phone using your email system. When you send emails to your customer, they receive it as a text message from your phone number, and their text reply comes to you as an email. Customer communications do not pass through employees’ personal phone numbers.

Metallic Endpoint Backup and Recovery.png

Metallic Endpoint Backup & Recovery: Metallic Endpoint Backup & Recovery delivers proven, award-winning data protection for your remote workforce with the simplicity of SaaS. Built on Commvault technology, Metallic ensures employee laptop and desktop data is protected, compliant, and recoverable from today’s threats.

MyHealth ai Teams App.png Teams App: brings health to your door, driving wellness and compliance to help curb the spread of COVID-19. This solution from Mint Management Technologies enables employee home check-ins, temperature screening, and touchless office access through an app for Microsoft Teams.

Norsync Cloud.png

Norsync Cloud: Norsync Cloud from Norsync Technology Inc. lets you provide full offline support in your mobile apps, with rich relational data synchronized to and from existing or new Azure SQL Databases, configured through a simple web interface.

ODS DataStage.png

ODS DataStage: OmegaSoftware’s ODS DataStage enables you to easily publish public-sector information in accordance with European Parliament Directive 2003/98/EC and Directive 2013/37/EU, which govern reuse of public-sector information. You can connect your ODS DataStage solution with governments or your own data portal.

PerimeterX Bot Defender.png

PerimeterX Bot Defender: PerimeterX Bot Defender is a behavior-based bot management solution that protects your websites, mobile applications, and APIs from automated attacks, safeguarding your online revenue, reducing the risk of data breaches, and improving operational efficiency.

Pixton Comic Maker.png Pixton Comic Maker: Quickly create illustrated comics, storyboards, and custom characters with Pixton Comic Maker, a comic creation tool for education and business from Pixton Comics Inc. Create beautiful comics and storyboards in minutes.
Quick Reports for Xero.png

Quick Reports for Xero: Fresh BI’s custom connector gives you the tools and the skills to connect to Xero Accounting from the Microsoft Power BI Desktop. Get immediate access to the categorized data that drives each of the built-in reports in Xero. This custom connector allows you to integrate your Xero data with any other dataset.

RxWell by RXR.png

RxWell by RXR: RxWell is a public health-based program for workplaces in the COVID-19 era. It delivers insights through the Employee App, the Tenant Command Center, and the Building Command Center, ensuring that employees have the peace of mind to safely return to the workplace.

SAP Business One.png

SAP Business One: Conespirt GmbH’s SAP Business One service provides a SAP ERP for small businesses and startups, helping you lay the foundation for solid commercial processes that enable entrepreneurial growth. This app is available only in German.


SharePlex: Simplify cloud migrations, improve availability, and scale easily with SharePlex data replication. With Quest’s SharePlex, you can replicate Oracle data at a fraction of the cost of native tools. Achieve high availability, increase scalability, integrate data, and offload your reporting and analytics to a separate system to boost performance.

SkyPoint Cloud Platform.png

SkyPoint Cloud Platform: SkyPoint Cloud Inc.’s Data Privacy Platform turns siloed customer data into game-changing customer experiences, customer trust, and automated privacy compliance. Features include consent management, data integration, management of data subject access requests (DSARs), and more.


Sloos: Sloos is a web service that solves conventional transcription problems and allows you to easily transcribe each speaker’s conversation into meeting minutes. Sloos works with face-to-face meetings or in online meeting systems, including Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Skye, and others. This app is available only in Japanese.

SQL Beacon.png

SQL Beacon: SQL Beacon monitors SQL Servers across an entire organization from a single instance, automating best-practices checks for database administrators. The app monitors databases all day, every day, delivering daily health checks to your mailbox and sending real-time alerts.

Starburst Enterprise Presto.png

Starburst Enterprise Presto: Presto is a fast, scalable, and open-source SQL engine architected for separation of storage and compute. Starburst Data Inc. provides Starburst Enterprise Presto, featuring additional security features, more connectors, a cost-based query optimizer, support for running additional deployment platforms, and more.


Symend: Symend Inc.’s engagement platform combines behavioral science with advanced analytics for a new approach to debt recovery. Symend enables companies to develop positive, individualized treatment programs that result in higher cure rates and reduced costs while building brand value and customer relationships.

TeamSpeak - VoIP System for Gamers on Ubuntu 18.04.png

TeamSpeak - VoIP System for Gamers on Ubuntu 18.04: This pre-configured image offered by Tidal Media Inc. contains a TeamSpeak client application on Ubuntu 18.04. TeamSpeak is a VoIP system for gamers, who can use the software to communicate with other players on the same team of a multiplayer video game.

Teradici Cloud Access Software for Azure Stack.png

Teradici Cloud Access Software for Azure Stack: Teradici’s Cloud Access Software securely delivers high-performance desktops on Azure Stack to knowledge workers and power users requiring data-intensive applications. 

TinyProxy - Advanced Proxy Server on Ubuntu 18.04.png

TinyProxy - Advanced Proxy Server on Ubuntu 18.04: This pre-configured image offered by Tidal Media Inc. contains TinyProxy on Ubuntu 18.04. TinyProxy is an HTTP proxy server that buffers a high-speed response from a server and relays it to a client at the highest speed the client will accept.

TinyProxy - Easy Proxy Server for Ubuntu 18.04.png

TinyProxy - Easy Proxy Server for Ubuntu 18.04: This pre-configured image offered by Tidal Media Inc. contains TinyProxy on Ubuntu 18.04. TinyProxy has a small memory footprint and is intended for shared network connections.

TinyProxy - Protected Proxy Server on Ubuntu 18.04.png

TinyProxy - Protected Proxy Server on Ubuntu 18.04: This pre-configured image offered by Tidal Media Inc. contains TinyProxy on Ubuntu 18.04. TinyProxy is a lightweight, open-source web proxy that allows you to add temporary proxy rules.


Travelit: Travelit is a solution for business travel that simultaneously searches all airlines, car hire, and accommodation services, including hotels, B&Bs, and guest houses. Its layout simplifies price comparisons, and the custom approval process enables seamless online reservation and automated ticketing.

Ubuntu Kubernetes.png

Ubuntu Kubernetes: Cast AI Group Inc. provides this pre-configured image with Kubernetes on Ubuntu. Kubernetes is an open-source container system that automates computer application deployment, scaling, and management.

Velvot e-Solutions.png

Velvot e-Solutions: Velvot eSolution is an enterprise sales management application that helps small and medium-size organizations digitize their sales process and expense management. The solution includes a customer portal, expense approval processes, and tools to automate processes.

WitFoo Precinct 6.0 Diagnostic SIEM.png

WitFoo Precinct 6.0 Diagnostic SIEM: WitFoo Inc.’s Precinct is a big data diagnostic SIEM providing advanced analytics, log collection, and log aggregation. Precinct consumes and analyzes syslog, NetFlow, Agent, API, and Cloudwatch data to provide almost real-time intelligence on security threats and attacks.

Zenko Connect for Azure by Scality.png

Zenko Connect for Azure by Scality: As a subset of Scality Zenko, Scality’s Zenko Connect provides a stepping stone into a multi-cloud world by enabling you to consume Azure Blob Storage with your Amazon S3 apps without any modifications. Zenko Connect runs as a stateless container within your Azure subscription.

Zippin checkout-free shopping store.png

Zippin checkout-free shopping store: Zippin provides autonomous checkout for leading brick-and-mortar retailers. The cashierless store solution leverages AI computer vision, machine learning, and sensor fusion technology to create a convenient shopping experience. Shoppers can zip in and out with their purchases.

Consulting services

Advanced Azure Synapse Analytics 3-Day Workshop.png

Advanced Azure Synapse Analytics 3-Day Workshop: In this workshop for data engineers, data architects, business analysts, and product or program managers, MAQ Software will explore the advanced benefits of analytics provided by Microsoft Azure Synapse and Microsoft Power BI.

AI-ML Pilot Project- 8-Weeks POC.png

AI/ML Pilot Project: 8-Weeks POC: This proof of concept from RediMinds will turn a business-specific challenge into a machine learning objective. RediMinds will construct an AI/ML model using a subset of your data and will recommend technology, infrastructure, or operational modifications.

Analytics In a Day with Synapse - 1 Day Workshop.png

Analytics in a Day with Synapse - 1 Day Workshop: MAQ Software's workshop will introduce you to Microsoft Azure Synapse, a unified analytics experience with code-free data orchestration from more than 85 native connectors.

App Design and Development- 8 Week Implementation.png

App Design and Development: 8 Week Implementation: Intended for forward-looking companies in any industry, ArcTouch's implementation will provide design and development for a commercial-quality mobile app solution that uses Microsoft Azure services.

App Prototype- 4 Week Proof of Concept.png

App Prototype: 4 Week Proof of Concept: In this proof of concept, ArcTouch will build a solution prototype that uses Microsoft Azure services. This offer can be customized to fit your company’s needs, whether you are starting a new mobile app project or updating a legacy version.

Azure Cloud Migration- 4 Week Proof-of-Concept.png

Azure Cloud Migration: 4 Week Proof-of-Concept: This proof of concept from Optimus Information will create a landing zone, organize resources, and lift-and-shift some servers, applications, and databases from your on-premises datacenter to Microsoft Azure. An assessment should be performed prior to the proof of concept.

Azure Cloud Review- 2 week assessment.png

Azure Cloud Review: 2 week assessment: No matter where you are on your cloud migration journey, xTEN's review can help you get more from your Microsoft Azure estate. xTEN will provide you with recommendations for improvements, automation, licensing, and cost savings.

Azure Kubernetes Service PoC, 3 Week Kick-start.png

Azure Kubernetes Service PoC, 3 Week Kick-start: Xello's proof of concept will showcase the power of Microsoft Azure Kubernetes Service. Xello will containerize your chosen app into Docker packaging and migrate it to an Azures Kubernetes Service dev/test environment. 

Azure Landing Zone- 1-Hr Briefing.png

Azure Landing Zone: 1-Hr Briefing: This briefing from BJSS Limited will explain the benefits of its infrastructure-as-code environment, which gives you a starting point for cloud adoption and features a deployment model and coding standards that are consistently applied across your Microsoft Azure estate.

Azure Migrate Assessment- 3-Day Assessment.png

Azure Migrate Assessment: 3-Day Assessment: PC Connection Inc. will review your on-premises environment to determine whether your machines are ready for migration to Microsoft Azure. You'll receive recommendations and a follow-up statement of work for migration activities.

Azure Migrate Services- 4-Week Implementation.png

Azure Migrate Services: 4-Week Implementation: After completing PC Connection Inc.'s three-day migration assessment, look to this implementation service to help you decide which migration strategy is most suitable for your organization. Options include rehosting (lift and shift), refactoring, or rebuilding.

Azure Synapse Analytics, 2 Wk Implementation.png

Azure Synapse Analytics, 2 Wk Implementation: Xello will accelerate your data practices by implementing use cases in Microsoft Azure Synapse Analytics and Azure Databricks. This will help break down data silos in your organization and give you the proof required to drive real value.

BRAMS - SAP on Azure Free Assessment - 1 Day.png

BRAMS - SAP on Azure Free Assessment - 1 Day: In this engagement, BRAMS will examine your SAP and non-SAP landscape and integration touch points to prepare you for a seamless lift and shift to Microsoft Azure.

Cloud Migrate Accelerate- 4-Week Assessment.png

Cloud Migrate Accelerate: 4-Week Assessment: In this assessment, Gijima will analyze your IT landscape and provide you with a roadmap for your journey to Microsoft Azure. An ideation model will identify quick wins and ongoing service improvements.

Free 2 Week Windows VDI Proof of Concept.png

Free 2 Week Windows VDI Proof of Concept: Get a free proof of concept of Windows Virtual Desktop delivered by Zensar Technologies. Zensar Technologies will create a tenant on Microsoft Azure and set up the necessary resources. This offer is for enterprise customers in the United States.

Free 2 week Windows VDI Proof of Concept SA.png

Free 2 week Windows VDI Proof of Concept SA: Zensar Technologies is offering customers in South Africa a free proof of concept of Windows Virtual Desktop along with a free two-week assessment services package. Zensar Technologies will use its Zensar ZDaaS (Desktop as a Service) framework for simplified deployment and management.

Free 2 Weeks Proof of Concept- Zencare.png

Free 2 Weeks Proof of Concept: Zencare: ZenCare is a work-from-home solution from Zensar Technologies that utilizes Microsoft Azure data services and Azure Virtual Machines. This offer for U.S. customers will set up a two-week proof of concept of ZenCare free of charge.

Free 2 Weeks Proof of Concept- Zencare SA.png

Free 2 Weeks Proof of Concept: Zencare SA: In this offer for customers in South Africa, Zensar Technologies will set up a free two-week proof of concept of ZenCare, its work-from-home service. Through Microsoft Azure and Windows Virtual Desktop, ZenCare enables rapid and secure scaling and access to all your critical apps.

Free 2 Weeks Proof of Concept- Zencare UK.png

Free 2 Weeks Proof of Concept: Zencare UK: In this offer for customers in the United Kingdom, Zensar Technologies will deliver a free proof of concept of ZenCare, which will grant your employees a stable, secure, and convenient work-from-home experience. ZenCare utilizes Microsoft Azure and Windows Virtual Desktop.

Healthcare AI-ML Pilot Project- 8-Week POC.png

Healthcare AI/ML Pilot Project: 8-Week POC: RediMinds Inc.'s proof of concept will transform your clinical challenge into a machine learning objective, then construct an AI/ML model using AutoML in Microsoft Azure Machine Learning or the Microsoft Cognitive Toolkit.

Infrastructure Assessment - 4 weeks.png

Infrastructure Assessment - 4 weeks: In this assessment, MITIBI will analyze the state of your infrastructure to determine the readiness of solutions for migration to Microsoft Azure. MITIBI will provide you with a status report, a cost estimate, and cloud migration plan.

ISV Azure Transformation Service- 2 Hour Briefing.png

ISV Azure Transformation Service: 2 Hour Briefing: This briefing will introduce you to Cloud Direct's transformation service for independent software vendors who are looking to accelerate growth by migrating applications to Microsoft Azure.

Konia Consulting Services.png

Konia Consulting Services: Konia Consulting Services can help your IT team with software factory governance, DevSecOps, code repository management, Microsoft HoloLens development, and more. This offer is available only in Brazilian Portuguese.

Microsoft 365 Cloud Enablement Workshop - 1 Day.png

Microsoft 365 Cloud Enablement Workshop - 1 Day: In this workshop, Kiwi IT Solutions Ltd. will benchmark your technology, process, and people to assess the suitability of migrating your solutions and processes to Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Azure.

MirrorWave Feedback Avatar Free Assessment.png

MirrorWave/Feedback Avatar Free Assessment: Mirrorwave Limited will run a free working session to bring you up to speed on digital human technology and to identify practical use cases your company can adopt now. Gain insight into how Mirrorwave’s digital human engagement assistant can help your company.

ML Solution Feasibility- 2-Week Assessment.png

ML Solution Feasibility: 2-Week Assessment: Are you looking to optimize your operations through AI? RediMinds Inc.'s assessment will help you determine if your problem at hand can be solved using AI/ML. You'll also receive a roadmap for solution development using Microsoft Azure Machine Learning.

Oracle2Postgre Migration- 8-Week Implementation.png

Oracle2Postgre Migration: 8-Week Implementation: Metanet Tplatform Co. Ltd. will use its platform to migrate your Oracle Database assets to Microsoft Azure Platform as a Service, enabling cost reduction. This service is available only in Korea.

SHI Azure Optimization Services.png

SHI Azure Optimization Services: SHI International Corp. provides customers with services to reduce their costs and optimize their Microsoft Azure environment. SHI's professional tier is designed for customers that need access to additional cloud architect expertise for design and issue resolution.

Solvex Public ManagedServices.png

Solvex Public ManagedServices: Allow Solvex Dominicana to manage your Microsoft Azure resources. Customers registered with Partner Admin Link (PAL) can take advantage of disaster recovery, monitoring, cost management, and advisory services. PAL enables Microsoft to identify partners who drive Azure customer success.

Speech Analytics 1-day Assessment Services.png

Speech Analytics 1-day Assessment Services: In this assessment, Tech Mahindra will examine your company's call center environment and goals, then deliver a report with recommendations for Microsoft Azure Cognitive Services and Sayint, Zen3’s speech analytics platform. Zen3 is a Tech Mahindra company.

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