Azure Marketplace new offers – Volume 72

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We continue to expand the Azure Marketplace ecosystem. For this volume, 89 new offers successfully met the onboarding criteria and went live. See details of the new offers below:


2bcloud Azure Managed Services.png

2bcloud Azure Managed Services: 2bCloud’s Azure Managed Services can help you design, build, and manage comprehensive cloud solutions based on your requirements and goals.

42Crunch API Firewall Container.png


42Crunch API Firewall Container: 42Crunch bridges the gaps across API development, security, and operations teams with a simple, automated platform that provides API threat protection early in the API lifecycle.

Amanda Enterprise 3.6.png

Amanda Enterprise 3.6: Amanda is a backup and recovery solution that combines fast installation, simplified management, enterprise-class functionality, and low-cost subscription fees. Protect Linux, Solaris, Windows, Mac OS X, VMWare, and Hyper-V and back up to disk, tape, and cloud.

Aviatrix CoPilot.png


Aviatrix CoPilot: Aviatrix CoPilot provides a global operational view of your multi-cloud network. Enterprise IT teams use its dynamic topology mapping to maintain an accurate view of their global networks, FlowIQ to analyze traffic flows, and heat maps and time series trend charts to pinpoint traffic anomalies.

Azure Managed Services by Bespin Global MEA.png

Azure Managed Services: Azure Managed Services by Bespin Global MEA provides cloud management, including business consultation, technical support, billing, cost management, operational monitoring, and configuration. Choose the level of service depending on your needs.

Capture as a Service.png


Capture as a Service: ITESOFT Capture as a Service offers customers a way of digitizing, understanding, and categorizing unstructured content as well as extracting and validating its relevant data. The solution uses a unique combination of processing technologies, including  OCR, intelligent automation, and expert systems to serve a variety of industries.

Cloudleaf Software.png


Cloudleaf Cold Chain Logistics: The Cloudleaf Cold Chain Logistics solution provides continuous visibility and intelligence into the context, condition, timing, and location of life-saving medicines and critical supplies.

CodeTwo backup use this logo.png


CodeTwo Backup for Office 365: CodeTwo Backup for Office 365 creates secure backup copies of Exchange Online mailboxes, SharePoint Online sites and site collections, and OneDrive for Business data. This adds another layer of protection to data and ensures uninterrupted access to backed-up Office 365 resources.

COVID-19 Virtual Assistant.png


COVID-19 Virtual Assistant: Hyro’s COVID-19 Virtual Assistant is readily deployable to perform risk assessment, triage symptoms, and deliver accurate, real-time information to educate the public and stymie the risk of infection.

CXMnow - Dynamics 365.png


CXMnow - Dynamics 365: Omnipresence CXMnow offers customer experience management for life sciences companies. Powered by AI that automatically provides deep customer insights and predicts best experiences, the entire customer journey can be seamlessly executed for the most meaningful interactions.

Cyscale Power Cloud Platform - Security and Compliance.png


Cyscale Power Cloud Platform: Cyscale Power Cloud is a pure cloud-native solution offered as software as a service or Kubernetes deployments. The solution offers agentless security and compliance support for HIPAA, GDPR, CCPA, ISO, and NIST.

Dathena Privacy.png


Dathena Privacy: Dathena Privacy is an AI-powered solution that guards personal data and ensures compliance with GDPR and CCPA. It empowers data privacy officers to easily protect personal data at scale and fast track privacy compliance cost effectively.

Dathena Security.png


Dathena Security: Dathena Security empowers CISOs to optimize data security measures and mitigate the risk of data breaches. The solution automatically generates the rules for sensitive/no-sensitive information detection to enforce your organization’s data protection policies and protect against data loss. Service.png Service: offers access to Microsoft Azure and easy management of the cloud environment. Designed for businesses and work teams without any IT expertise, it enables teams to work on resource-intensive projects independent of location and device.



DeviceOn.E2I: DeviceOn.E2I is an industrial application that enables effective equipment management for optimized productivity. It provides equipment connectivity with standard industrial protocol support (including Modbus, OPC-UA, and ODBC) and a user-friendly interface for equipment status monitoring and management.

Elevate for Microsoft Teams.jpg


Elevate for Microsoft Teams: Elevate for Microsoft Teams is a cloud business phone system that integrates with Teams to enhance collaboration and customer engagement. This integration is plug and play and can be set up quickly to use the native Teams calling feature on any PC, Mac, mobile, or certified Teams devices.

Enadoc Document Management System.png


Enadoc Document Management System: Enadoc is a mobile-ready secure document management system on Azure for HR, finance, and IT. It’s an innovative solution that features capture and indexing, records management, search, disaster recovery, and secure access capabilities.

Esdenera Firewall 3.png


Esdenera Firewall 3: The Esdenera Firewall 3 is an OpenBSD-based next generation firewall. The product is designed for cloud-centric networks that connect people, things, applications, and services.

FlexProtect for Apps.png


FlexProtect for Apps: FlexProtect for Application Security for Azure protects Azure-hosted workloads while ensuring application availability and optimizing performance. It analyzes and inspects incoming web traffic and stops bad bots and attack exploits.

FlexProtect for Data.png


FlexProtect for Data: FlexProtect for Data provides comprehensive data security no matter where the data resides. The solution provides multilayered defenses to protect critical data from attacks by controlling access to the data in your infrastructure.

Freedom Systems Azure Managed Service.png


Freedom Systems Azure Managed Service: Freedom Systems Azure Managed Service is designed to help enterprise customers effectively manage Azure resources through engineering support. This offer is available in Chinese only.

Gluware Business Continuity Offer.png


Gluware Business Continuity Offer: Gluware Intelligent Network Automation software brings a powerful layer of intelligence to today’s complex, multivendor enterprise networks. The solution automates networks at scale across the tapestry of vendors, technologies, infrastructure, and standards—code-free and error-free.

Grafana Enterprise.png


Grafana Enterprise: Grafana Enterprise is designed for organizations that want to get the most out of their mission critical Grafana stack, including Grafana and the Prometheus and Graphite metric backends.

Unifier Enterprise Imaging Platform.png

Unifier Enterprise Imaging Platform: Unifier is a powerful, interoperable enterprise imaging platform that ensures health data is fully integrated and always accessible, resulting in better patient care and improved IT performance.

Haivision SRT Hub.png

Haivision SRT Hub: Haivision SRT Hub is a software as a service offering for live, low-latency media routing across the Microsoft Azure network. It’s the ideal solution for broadcasters and media organizations seeking alternatives to costly satellite links, purpose-built fiber networks, or proprietary transport solutions.

HYCU Data Protection as a Service for Azure.png

HYCU Data Protection as a Service for Azure: HYCU for Azure provides application-aware data assurance, data mobility, and disaster recovery for customers currently running workloads on Azure. It also serves customers planning to migrate to Azure and those who want to leverage Azure as a DR target for production workloads from on-premises or cloud datacenters.

Imburse Enterprise.png


Imburse Enterprise: Imburse Enterprise is a leading transaction platform for enterprises that manages corporate transaction requirements with a single integration. The cloud-based platform connects companies to the entire global-transactions ecosystem of technologies and providers.

InteliLiving AI Smart Home Monitoring for Elderly.png

InteliLiving AI Smart Home Monitoring: InteliLiving uses smart home technology driven by AI to give families peace of mind so adults can live independently safely. The solution uses discrete smart home sensors (not cameras) to gather and share information with authorized parties, such as family and caregivers.

Intermedia Unite® for Microsoft Teams.jpg

Intermedia Unite for Microsoft Teams: Intermedia Unite is a cloud-based unified communications and collaboration platform. It integrates with Microsoft Teams to enhance your company’s teamwork and customer engagement experience.

Island EcoSystem.png

Island EcoSystem: Island EcoSystem is a community blockchain API. Build your own community platform by combining community APIs that can be used for social networking services and in-house community tools, plus blockchain APIs that can be used for incentive design. This offer is available only in Japanese. 

KenSci Realtime Command Center.png


KenSci Realtime Command Center: KenSci Realtime Command Center gives health systems a real-time view into bed management and capacity planning, which provides better care for COVID-19-affected patients. The solution leverages existing Health Level 7 feeds from electronic health records to deliver status on familiar KPIs.

Lumeta Community Edition Cloud Scout


Lumeta Community Edition Cloud Scout Lumeta Community Edition Cloud Scout provides visibility into your hosted cloud network. Cloud Scout is an essential part of FireMon's Lumeta CloudVisibility solution, which delivers cloud visibility, security, and anomaly detection for hybrid infrastructure.

Lumeta Community Edition Command Center v3.3.5.0.png


Lumeta Community Edition Command Center v3.3.5.0: FireMon’s Lumeta Community Edition Command Center delivers cloud visibility, security, endpoint discovery, and anomaly detection for enterprises that spread workloads across cloud platforms and on-premises environments.

Mifos - Cloud-Based Core Banking Platform.png


Mifos - Cloud-Based Core Banking Platform: Mifos Cloud-Based Core Banking Platform is a flexible API-driven solution for banks and financial technology companies to digitize operations in the cloud. The solution offers banking infrastructure that provides account and wallet management, omnichannel banking, and more.

Morphisec Unified Threat Prevention Platform.png

Morphisec Unified Threat Prevention Platform: Morphisec Unified Endpoint Threat Prevention stops, deterministically and without false alerts, the most advanced threats and zero-day threats immediately. It integrates with Microsoft Defender Advanced Threat Protection and presents rich contextual detail of prevented attacks into Microsoft Security Center.

MyEKC Employee Knowledge Center.png


MyEKC Employee Knowledge Center: MyEKC is a software as a service application to manage all company operations and business practices. The solution is tailored to each employee and manager, with built-in accountability and security.

OpsCompass - Cloud Security Posture Management SaaS.png

OpsCompass - Cloud Security Posture Management SaaS: OpsCompass is a cloud security posture management enterprise software as a service product that drives operational control, visibility, and security in and across cloud platforms, including Microsoft Azure. The solution replaces legacy controls that were not designed for a modern API-driven cloud infrastructure.

Oracle HCM Cloud Onboarding Bridge to Office 365, Azure AD, or Active.png

Oracle HCM Cloud Onboarding Bridge to Office 365, Azure AD, or Active Directory: Aquera’s Oracle HCM Cloud Onboarding Bridge imports workers from Oracle HCM Cloud to Office 365, Azure Active Directory, or on-premises Active Directory. The solution enables automation of human resources and identity lifecycle management scenarios.

P9 Sales Dev Cloud.png

P9 Sales Dev Cloud: P9 is a role based, teams driven, on-the-job, sales development cloud powered by AI. The solution offers reps on-the-job training using skill profiles that reflect those abilities that top companies are hiring for.

Parasoft Service Virtualization.png

Parasoft Service Virtualization: Parasoft Service Virtualization works with Microsoft Visual Studio and Microsoft Azure to simulate the behavior of dependent components to provide an always-on test environment that allows dev/test teams to test earlier, faster, and more completely.

Partner Pilot test chart.png

Partner Pilot test chart: Partner Pilot test chart is a  Bitnami Helm chart application, which is an easy way to get started with Bitnami applications on Kubernetes. Bitnami ensures that the Helm charts are always secure, up to date, and packaged using industry best practices.

Qlik Data Integration Platform (formerly Attunity).png

Qlik Data Integration Platform: Qlik’s Data Integration Platform automates real-time data streaming, refinement, cataloging, and publishing between multiple source systems and Azure’s data services offerings.

Redis with Ubuntu 18.04 LTS.png

Redis with Ubuntu 18.04 LTS: Cognosys Inc. is offering a preinstalled edition of Redis with Ubuntu 18.04 LTS (Long Term Support). Redis is an open-source, networked in-memory data structure project that stores keys with optional durability. Ubuntu is a free and open-source Linux distribution.

Redis with Ubuntu 1904.png

Redis with Ubuntu 19.04: This offer from  Cognosys Inc. provides a preinstalled edition of Redis with Ubuntu 19.04. Redis is an open-source, networked in-memory data structure project that stores keys with optional durability. Ubuntu is a free and open-source Linux distribution.

ScaleArc for SQL Server.png

ScaleArc for SQL Server: ScaleArc database load balancing software inserts transparently between applications and databases to provide zero downtime for apps. The solution delivers automatic failover, load balancing, real-time analytics, and more for your Microsoft SQL Server databases.


Security Hub: Security Hub is a security information and event management (SIEM) solution that provides a comprehensive view of your security state in Azure and helps check compliance with security industry standards and best practices.

signNow for Azure.png

signNow for Azure: signNow goes beyond e-signatures to help companies move forward by automating document processes. The solution lets organizations set the signing order for templates, send completion notifications, request payments, and more.

SMART OaaS Compute Production Environment.png

SMART OaaS Compute Production Environment: Mint Group’s SMART OaaS Compute Production Environment combines the best of Microsoft Azure with proven and certified Azure blueprints, proactive migration strategy and execution, and more. 

SMART OaaS Compute Production Environment.png

SMART OaaS General Environment: SMART OaaS General Environment by the Mint Group lets you choose an environment that suits your needs, from development to production-ready environments. The solution is fully migrated, managed, and supported by a team of qualified Azure engineers, developers, and architects. 

SMART OaaS General Environment.png

SMART OaaS - Development Environment: Mint Group’s SMART OaaS Development Environment is fully migrated, managed, and supported by a team of qualified Azure engineers, developers, and architects. It combines the best of Microsoft Azure with proven and certified Azure blueprints, managed services with Azure Sentinel, and more. 

Mint SMART OaaS - Development Environment.png

SMART OaaS Memory Optimized Production Environment: SMART OaaS Memory Optimized Production Environment from the Mint Group combines the best of Microsoft Azure with proven and certified Azure blueprints, proactive migration strategy and execution, managed services with Azure Sentinel, and more. 

SQL Server Lift Up to Azure.png

SQL Server Lift Up to Azure: SQL Server Lift Up to Azure provides comprehensive support for migrating data from SQL Server in an on-premises environment to Azure. This service is available only in Japanese.

Stealthwatch Public Cloud Monitoring via Metered Billing.png

Stealthwatch Public Cloud Monitoring via Metered Billing: Cisco Stealthwatch Cloud for PCM  provides visibility, security, monitoring, and advanced threat detection for any infrastructure. The solution uses metered billing, following a pay-as-you-go model.

Sysdig Secure DevOps Platform.png

Sysdig Secure DevOps Platform: Sysdig Secure DevOps Platform converges security and compliance with performance and capacity monitoring for infrastructure and containers on Azure and Azure Kubernetes Service. The solution helps developer teams overcome container security and visibility challenges that slow cloud-native adoption.

SysTrack Cloud Edition.png

SysTrack Cloud Edition: SysTrack is a digital experience monitoring solution that collects and analyzes performance and usage data on every endpoint in an environment. The solution monitors, optimizes, and automates the IT environment to improve user experience and lower IT costs.

Tangany Crypto Custody Service.png

Tangany Crypto Custody Service: Tangany Crypto Custody Service is a blockchain custody API solution for digital assets, such as cryptocurrencies and security tokens. The solution is designed in accordance with EU GDPR and the 5th Anti‑Money Laundering Directive.

Verizon Media Streaming.png

Verizon Media Streaming: Verizon Media Streaming enables content providers to manage their video streaming workflow simply, while delivering TV-like quality experiences at scale. Integration with Azure Content Delivery Network results in a unique and powerful, global OTT video solution.


VinReco: Vin Reco is a global payment reconciliation system for brands and sellers who do business with online marketplaces. The solution helps identify overcharges, incorrect commissions, incorrect packing charges, and more.

Windows Virtual Desktop.png

Windows Virtual Desktop: This Windows Virtual Desktop offering from Global Brands Group delivers simplified Windows management, Windows 10 multisessions, optimizations for Office 365 ProPlus, and support for Remote Desktop Services environments.

Consulting services

10-Day Digital Transformation E-Commerce Workshop.png

10-Day Digital Transformation E-Commerce Workshop: Take your organization to new heights by exploring the benefits of an integrated API-driven approach to e-commerce. Tech Fabric LLC's workshop will focus on e-commerce solutions powered by Microsoft Azure.

AI Kickstart Program 5-Day Workshop.png

AI Kickstart Program: 5-Day Workshop: Arinti's workshop will identify your three-year to five-year strategic goals and how AI-enabled technologies can help you reach them. You'll finish with a detailed roadmap on how to start with the top business cases.

AI Production & Planning Optimization 4 week Imp.png

AI Production & Planning Optimization: 4 week Imp: Are you struggling with production, planning, or scheduling in your organization? Arinti will conduct an intensive analysis and start applying Azure AI platform components and techniques, such as job shop scheduling or artificial neural networks.

AI-FI Trade Surveillance 8-Week Assessment.png

AI-FI Trade Surveillance: 8-Week Assessment: Alithya Digital Technology Corporation's assessment is designed to help brokerages determine the best machine learning approach for their compliance operations. Alithya will determine which Azure solution best fits the situation.

Analytics Strategy 3-Week Assessment.png

Analytics Strategy: 3-Week Assessment: Creating a cloud-based analytics strategy can be a time-intensive challenge requiring specific expertise. Artis Consulting's engagement will help you plan a modern analytics architecture to increase your competitive advantage.

App Modernization using AKS – 2 wk Implementation.png

App Modernization using AKS – 2 wk Implementation: Businesses need to modernize applications to achieve faster time to market, improve quality, and gain cost efficiency. Cloud IQ Technologies will work with your team to identify one app to modernize and deploy into a scalable Azure Kubernetes Service environment.

Azure AI  ML 3-Week Implementation.png

Azure AI & ML: 3-Week Implementation: Based on a chosen accelerator or a custom scenario designed for your business, Actminds Inc. will help you set up and use Microsoft Azure services, such as Event Hub or Data Lake, to ingest, store, prepare, and model your data and to extract valuable insights.

Azure AKS Hands-on Training 4-Hr Online Workshop.png

Azure AKS Hands-on Training: 4-Hr Online Workshop: Container and container orchestration technologies help organizations efficiently and cost-effectively run their apps. This online workshop from Cloud IQ Technologies will cover Kubernetes design, deployment, and management on Microsoft Azure.

Azure Architecture Framework Review 2hr Assessment.png

Azure Architecture Framework Review: 2-hr Assessment: The Azure Architecture Framework Review from DevOpsGroup is a remote workshop that helps organizations identify the strengths and weaknesses of their current or planned Azure architecture.

Azure Database Migration 2-week Implementation.png

Azure Database Migration: 2-week Implementation: This service from summ-it involves an end-to-end database migration from an on-premises environment to Microsoft Azure. Database scenarios include Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, DB2, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Mongo DB, Cassandra, Maria DB, Microsoft Access, and SAP.

Azure for Large Businesses.png

Azure for Large Businesses: In this engagement designed for large businesses, Aurera will provide advice and expertise on the implementation and governance of a Microsoft Azure infrastructure.

Azure for SMEs.png

Azure for SMEs: In this engagement designed for small and medium-sized enterprises, Aurera will provide expertise and support in setting up and managing the customer's Microsoft Azure environment.

Azure Scale Up 5-Day Workshop.png

Azure Scale Up: 5-Day Workshop: This workshop from Cloud Direct will train senior technical leaders how to achieve a greater return on their Microsoft Azure investment. Cloud Direct will assist with putting in place processes to monitor costs and optimize the value of Azure.

Azure Synapse - Data Warehouse.png

Azure Synapse - Data Warehouse: 1-Wk Assessment: This one-week assessment is designed to help you plan to successfully implement a modern data warehouse as well as a data analytics infrastructure and evaluate the impact.

Azure Technical Audit 1-Week Assessment.png

Azure Technical Audit: 1-Week Assessment: In this assessment, Accedia's team of consultants will do a deep dive into your solution's structure and suggest an optimal way to overcome your technology challenges.

Azure WVD Quickstart 2-wk Implementation.png

Azure WVD Quickstart: 2-wk Implementation: At the conclusion of this implementation by 10th Magnitude, your organization will have a production-ready Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) environment deployed and configured for 25 or more users with multi-session and single-session desktop pools.

Azure WVD Rapid Deployment and Managed Services.png Azure WVD Rapid Deployment and Managed Services: Learn how to deploy and scale your Windows desktops and apps in Microsoft Azure in minutes and get built-in security and compliance features during this one-week consulting and deployment offer from Adfolks.


Chatbot Design Sprint 4-Hour Workshop.png

Chatbot Design Sprint: 4-Hour Workshop: Do you have an idea for a chatbot, or do you need inspiration for one? Develop a cloud-based chatbot concept in this half-day workshop with BLUEFRAGMENTS. The chatbot personality can be designed to match your brand and voice.

CIS Top 20 Gap Analysis for Healthcare 5-Day Asmt.png

CIS Top 20 Gap Analysis for Healthcare: 5-Day Asmt: Healthcare organizations need to understand the security risk they incur when shifting their office and patient experiences to the cloud. CompuNet's experts will advise on which Microsoft and third-party controls to use to reduce the risk.

Cloud Migration Assessment 5-Day Assessment.png

Cloud Migration Assessment: 5-Day Assessment: Cloud Direct will provide you with a business case and a roadmap for a migration to Microsoft Azure. This assessment is intended for technical and business stakeholders.

Cloud Security Assessment Two Week Assessment.png

Cloud Security Assessment: Two Week Assessment: Thomas Duryea Logicalis Pty. Ltd.'s assessment will provide rapid analysis of your Microsoft Azure environment, checking it against best practices for security, performance, agility, scale, and cost.

Cloud Strategy 2-Hr Briefing.png

Cloud Strategy: 2-Hr Briefing: In Accedia's briefing, you'll connect with one of Accedia's senior Azure consultants to discuss your current challenges related to cloud application design and architecture, machine learning and AI, or process automation.

Cognizant Automation Center IO – 1 hr Briefing.png

Cognizant Automation Center I&O – 1 hr Briefing: In this briefing, Cognizant will discuss the advantages of its Automation Center and intelligent automation solutions hosted on Microsoft Azure.

Datacenter Transformation 1 Week Assessment.png

Datacenter Transformation: 1 Week Assessment: IFI Techsolutions Pvt. Ltd.'s experts will assess your datacenter using Microsoft tools to look for opportunities for server enhancements, data transformation, system dependency and clustering, security, and environment optimization.

DevOps with Azure 1 Week Proof of Concept.png

DevOps with Azure: 1 Week Proof of Concept: IFI Techsolutions Pvt. Ltd.'s team of DevOps-certified experts will discuss your DevOps goals and create a proof-of-concept environment for up to five users to try out DevOps capabilities.

Free WVD Deployment 2-hr Assessment.png

Free WVD Deployment: 2-hr. Assessment: In this engagement, Atmosera's Azure experts will give you a clear roadmap for rapidly deploying Windows Virtual Desktop. Atmosera supports up to 500 virtual desktop infrastructure users, to be deployed in units of 25.

Identity Health Check 3-Week Assessment.png

Identity Health Check: 3-Week Assessment: Sitekit Solutions Ltd.'s packaged consultancy service helps businesses analyze, plan, and build a robust and modern identity solution with Microsoft Azure Active Directory.

Journey2Cloud 4-Week Assessment.png

Journey2Cloud: 4-Week Assessment: Accenture Poland has the tools, capabilities, and experience to help you navigate to the cloud. In this engagement, Accenture will assess your business objectives, unravel the complexities of cloud migration, and help you optimize your assets.

Stay Productive - Agile Desktops.png

Stay Productive - Agile Desktops - 5d Impl.: With Bechtle Logistik & Service, you can expand your teleworking capabilities. This package includes Windows Virtual Desktop with a standard image (including Windows 10 and Office 365) that's connected to your local resources and your environment via VPN.

Virtual Desktop 2-Day Assessment.png

Virtual Desktop: 2-Day Assessment: Step into a new age of remote work with BlueSoft Sp. z. o.o. In this assessment, BlueSoft's experts will guide you through the process of deploying virtual desktop infrastructure on Microsoft Azure.

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