Azure Marketplace new offers – Volume 48

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We continue to expand the Azure Marketplace ecosystem. For this volume, 83 new offers successfully met the onboarding criteria and went live. See details of the new offers below:


3DPrinterOS Cloud.png

3DPrinterOS Cloud: 3DPrinterOS supports more than 110 models of 3-D printers and covers all your 3-D printing needs. Design your own 3-D models in the cloud, upload models, or search for existing models. Share files, projects, and printers with other 3DPrinterOS users.

Airflow Exporter Container Image.png

Airflow Exporter Container Image: This container image from Bitnami allows you to export Airflow metrics in the Prometheus format. Prometheus is an open-source systems monitoring and alerting toolkit.


Apps2Digital: Flexxible IT's Apps2Digital, based on Citrix Cloud, provides a fast and easy route to modern workspace adoption. Apps2Digital gathers extensive insights into your end user computing environment and uses this intelligence to automate apps for virtual environments.

Apptimized Workspace.png

Apptimized Workspace: Apptimized Workspace is a low-cost alternative to thick client packaging toolsets. For one monthly user fee, access everything needed to discover, package, remediate, test, and store as many applications and application packages as you'd like.

Aqua Cloud Native Security Platform.png

Aqua Cloud Native Security Platform: Aqua Security's solution provides full visibility into container activity. This allows organizations to detect and prevent suspicious activity and attacks while helping to enforce policy and simplify regulatory compliance.

ArcGIS Business Analyst Web App.png

ArcGIS Business Analyst Web App: Business Analyst from Esri helps you make smarter market planning, site selection, and customer segmentation decisions. Identify underperforming markets, pinpoint the right growth sites, and share research across your organization.


Augmentir: Augmentir is an AI-based platform that improves productivity and efficiency for front-line workers. Augmented work instructions guide workers through their tasks, and remote expert functionality provides assistance to help workers solve problems faster.

Bitcoin Full Node by

Bitcoin Full Node ( This VM from TechLatest gives you a full Bitcoin node. Having your own full Bitcoin node gives you a higher degree of privacy and safety. Setups include a Bitcoin wallet GUI, pre-synced ledger, remote desktop, and more.


BoardPAC - BYOL: BoardPAC is paperless board meeting governance automation software. It fosters an easy-to-use and convenient platform for conducting high-level senior management meetings via tablets. BoardPAC comes with unlimited 24/7 support and training.

Cassandra Exporter Container Image.png

Cassandra Exporter Container Image: Cassandra Exporter is a standalone application from Bitnami that exports Apache Cassandra metrics through a Prometheus-friendly endpoint. Bitnami container images are always up to date, secure, and built to work right out of the box.

Centerity AIOps EM Server.png

Centerity AIOps EM Server: By delivering consolidated business views across all layers of the technology stack, Centerity provides an early warning of performance issues along with corrective action tools to quickly isolate faults and identify root causes. It also reduces operational complexity.

Cloud Sync Service.png

Cloud Sync Service: The NetApp Cloud Sync Service provides a simple, secured, and automated way to migrate data to any target, in the cloud or on-premises. Once data is transferred, it is available for use and Cloud Sync continuously synchronizes the data.

Cloudneeti Continuous Cloud Assurance - Free Trial.png

Cloudneeti Continuous Cloud Assurance - Free Trial: Cloudneeti helps prevent data breaches and proves compliance to your internal and external stakeholders and regulators. Get multi-cloud visibility into security, compliance, and more with this free trial.

Comtrade Tesla EDU.png

Comtrade Tesla EDU: This Tesla EDU solution from Comtrade System Integration brings together educational processes and content. It can be helpful in any industry for onboarding and training employees.

Credit Union Analytics Accelerator.png

Credit Union Analytics Accelerator: With access to powerful, self-service enterprise analytics from this Information Builders solution, credit unions can now generate integrated, actionable business information across all departments and branches.

CubeBackup For Linux.png

CubeBackup for Linux: As a G Suite backup tool, CubeBackup for Linux allows you to keep all version histories of your data. It also features automatic and incremental backups, multiple domain support, and affordable pricing. This solution is available on Windows, Linux, and Docker container.

CubeBackup For Windows Server 2016.png

CubeBackup for Windows Server 2016: CubeBackup For Windows Server 2016 is a self-hosted G Suite backup solution. It secures G Suite data, including Google Drive, Team Drive, Google Contacts, and Google Calendar data locally or to private cloud storage. Available on Windows, Linux, and Docker container.

CloudCover CyberSafety Platform.png

CloudCover CyberSafety Platform: The CyberSafety Platform from CloudCover is a full-spectrum, AI-based threat management solution. It inspects, learns, predicts, and reacts to all known and unknown malware attacks in milliseconds.

Discovery Hub with ADLS Gen2, SQL DB and AAS.png

Discovery Hub with ADLS Gen2, SQL DB and AAS: Discovery Hub from TimeXtender helps companies create a modern data estate by moving from a patchwork of tools to an integrated data management platform. Discovery Hub provides a cohesive data fabric across Microsoft data platforms.


Elasticsearch: The Elastic Stack lets you take data from any source, in any format, then search, analyze, and visualize it in real time. Elasticsearch lets developers utilize pre-configured templates built by Elastic to more easily and quickly deploy an Elasticsearch cluster on Azure.

EtherSensor.png EtherSensor: EtherSensor, an application-level network traffic analyzer, detects internal security policy violations. EtherSensor helps consumer systems discover abnormal user behavior, illegal access to resources, and leaks of confidential data.
Formal Media Blockchain Edition.png

Formal Media Blockchain Edition: Synchronize your enterprise digital records, contracts, signatures, and workflows with blockchain smart contracts on a permissioned distributed ledger. This proof of concept features blockchain implementation on Azure, a needs analysis, and more.

Harbor Job Service Container Image.png

Harbor Job Service Container Image: Harbor Job Service is one of the main components of Harbor, a cloud-native registry that stores, signs, and scans content. This service is used for image replication.

Harbor Notary Signer Container Image.png

Harbor Notary Signer Container Image: Harbor Notary Signer is one of the main components of Harbor, a cloud-native registry that stores, signs, and scans content. Combined with the Harbor Notary Server, it is responsible for signing and verifying images.

Harbor Registry Container Image.png

Harbor Registry Container Image: Harbor Registry is one of the main components of Harbor, a cloud-native registry that stores, signs, and scans content. Combined with the Harbor Registryctl, it is responsible for storing Docker images and processing pull/push operations.

Harbor Registryctl Container Image.png

Harbor Registryctl Container Image: Harbor Registryctl is one of the main components of Harbor, a cloud-native registry that stores, signs, and scans content. Combined with the Harbor Registry, it is responsible for storing Docker images and processing pull/push operations.

Harness Professional Edition.png

Harness Professional Edition: Harness is a Continuous Delivery-as-a-Service platform that uses machine learning to simplify the process of delivering code from artifact into production. Enable your team to quickly build and execute continuous delivery pipelines.

JMX Exporter Container Image.png

JMX Exporter Container Image: JMX Exporter delivers a process for exposing JMX beans via HTTP for Prometheus consumption. Prometheus is an open-source systems monitoring and alerting toolkit. JMX Exporter can export from a variety of JVM-based apps, including Kafka and Cassandra.

Joget v6 - Ubuntu 18.04 LTS - All-in-One.png

Joget v6 - Ubuntu 18.04 LTS: Joget combines business process automation, workflow management, and rapid application development in an open-source platform. Visual and web-based, it empowers non-coders to quickly build and maintain apps.

KUSANAGI for Microsoft Azure Premium Edition.png

KUSANAGI for Microsoft Azure Premium Edition: This edition of Prime Strategy’s KUSANAGI virtual machine includes WEXAL Page Speed Technology, an engine that boosts page loading speed. It's recommended for mid- to large-scale websites, such as media or corporate sites.

Magalix Agent.png

Magalix: Stop spending hundreds of hours figuring out the best combination of resources to balance performance with utilization in Kubernetes. Magalix provides insights and recommendations to help you gain control over performance, utilization, and cost.

Memcached Exporter Container Image.png

Memcached Exporter Container Image: The Memcached Exporter exports metrics from a memcached server for consumption by Prometheus, an open-source systems monitoring and alerting toolkit.

Metatron Discovery single VM.png

Metatron Discovery (single VM): Metatron Discovery offers a data analysis and visualization platform to empower those with domain-specific knowledge to utilize massive amounts of data by themselves.

MongoDB Exporter Container Image.png

MongoDB Exporter Container Image: This image contains a Prometheus exporter for MongoDB, including sharding, replication, and storage engines. Prometheus is an open-source systems monitoring and alerting toolkit.

MySQL Server Exporter Container Image.png

MySQL Server Exporter Container Image: MySQL Server Exporter gathers MySQL Server metrics for Prometheus consumption. Prometheus is an open-source systems monitoring and alerting toolkit.

MyWorkDrive File Server Remote Access Portal.png

MyWorkDrive File Server Remote Access Portal: MyWorkDrive allows you to give your users easy and secure remote access to your own Azure-based Windows file server. Publicly share files using OneDrive and connect to your files remotely using the MyWorkDrive Mapped Drive Client.

NGINX Exporter Container Image.png

NGINX Exporter Container Image: This NGINX Prometheus exporter makes it possible to monitor NGINX or NGINX Plus using Prometheus, an open-source systems monitoring and alerting toolkit.

PostgreSQL Exporter Container Image.png

PostgreSQL Exporter Container Image: PostgreSQL Exporter gathers PostgreSQL metrics for Prometheus consumption. Prometheus is an open-source systems monitoring and alerting toolkit.

Python AI and Machine Learning Suit

Python AI & Machine Learning kit by TechLatest's virtual machine provides an out-of-box environment for learning, developing, and deploying artificial intelligence and machine learning apps using Python AI and machine learning frameworks.

RabbitMQ Exporter Container Image.png

RabbitMQ Exporter Container Image: This image from Bitnami contains a Prometheus exporter for RabbitMQ metrics. RabbitMQ is a widely deployed open-source message broker.

Radware Alteon Cloud Control.png

Radware Alteon Cloud Control: Use Radware's Alteon Cloud Control to provision, operate, and control Radware's Multi-Cloud solution. Quickly and securely deliver your apps in Azure with Radware’s Multi-Cloud solution.

Redis Exporter Container Image.png

Redis Exporter Container Image: Redis Exporter gathers Redis metrics for Prometheus consumption. Redis is an open-source in-memory data structure store used as a database, cache, and message broker.


Repstance: Repstance is a change data capture-based SQL Server tool for real-time data replication and migration. Repstance gives you a 360-degree view into the intricacies of the database replication process.

Semeon Customer Feedback Analysis Platform.png

Semeon Customer Feedback Analysis Platform: Semeon uses text analytics, machine learning, search, and retrieval technologies to extract insights from customer feedback, such as survey responses, claims, or call center transcripts.


Sisense: Sisense provides an end-to-end business analytics tool that gives users everything they need to analyze data: ETL (extract, transform, load) and data management, basic and advanced analytics features, and a stunning visualization and dashboard reporting interface.


StealthMailStealthMail gives you control over encryption keys, data, and access rights so your business communication remains protected. Data is encrypted on the end user’s device, so it leaves the client’s side protected by advanced encryption algorithms.

Tackle SaaS Platform for Azure Marketplace.png

Tackle SaaS Platform for Azure Marketplace: Tackle's platform includes Upstream, which manages and consolidates listing and API communication with Azure, and Downstream, which leverages Azure's API service for Azure Marketplace to retrieve data for you.

Tempered Networks Conductor v2.1.png

Tempered Networks Conductor v2.1: Using Host Identity Protocol (HIP), the Tempered Networks Conductor orchestration engine can eliminate the complex, disruptive, and time-consuming provisioning steps associated with traditional IT solutions like firewalls and VPNs.

Tempered Networks HIPswitch 300v v2.png

Tempered Networks HIPswitch 300v v2: Using Host Identity Protocol (HIP), the Tempered Networks Identity Defined Networking orchestration engine assigns a cryptographic identity to every IP-enabled device, enabling organizations to evolve beyond traditional IP networking.

Trend Micro Deep Security as a Service.png

Trend Micro Deep Security as a Service: Trend Micro's Deep Security as a Service defends your network against attacks and offers easy management and hourly billing. This hosted solution requires no setup or configuration, and Trend Micro handles all the product and kernel updates.

VERSO Product Returns Management.png

VERSO Product Returns Management: VERSO manages product returns using predictive analytics and blockchain, helping you improve operational performance, decision-making, and cash flow. Transform your product return process from a cost center to a strategic advantage. Integration.png Integration: Software AG's Integration Cloud Migration Accelerator lets you easily integrate cloud-based apps and data with on-premises enterprise resource planning, customer relationship management, and warehouse management apps.

Zabbix Server 4.2.png

Zabbix Server 4.2: Zabbix is an enterprise-class open-source distributed monitoring solution designed to track the performance and availability of network servers, devices, services, and other IT resources. Zabbix allows administrators to swiftly recognize problems.

ZooKeeper Exporter Container Image.png

ZooKeeper Exporter Container Image: The ZooKeeper Exporter gathers metrics from a ZooKeeper server for Prometheus consumption. Prometheus is an open-source systems monitoring and alerting toolkit.

Consulting services

AppDev, DevOps and ManagedServices - 10 Wk Briefing.png

AppDev, DevOps and Managed Services: 10 Wk Briefing: In this briefing, KCS Inc. will assess your application architecture and components to help you choose the appropriate Azure components, with the objective of modernizing legacy apps and using Azure Platform-as-a-Service.

App Modernization - 1-Day Assessment.png

App Modernization: 1-Day Assessment: GRTH's free engagement will involve assessing your current environment, gathering your business challenges and goals, and designing a build strategy and timeline for the new architecture.

App Modernization 4-Day Assessment.png

App Modernization 4-Day Assessment: Time for a technology upgrade? Trailhead Technology Partners will meet with your team and stakeholders to provide an assessment of your application's current state, your desired goals, and how to get there.

Azure App Development - 10 Week Implementation.png

Azure App Development: 10 Week Implementation: Let experts from Cyber Infrastructure Private Limited help you develop Azure apps over 10 weeks. Clients can scale up or down as needed with flexible engagements.

Azure Cost Management Managed Service - 2 Day Imp.png

Azure Cost Management Managed Service: 2 Day Imp: Data#3 Limited's implementation will provide customers with comprehensive reporting so they can bring their Azure costs under control and keep them under control.

Azure Enterprise 2 Week Cloud Assessment.png

Azure Enterprise 2 Week Cloud Assessment: Planet Technologies will perform a high-level review to establish a foundation for cloud migration for virtual datacenter and desktop environments. This offer is ideal for customers early in their cloud migration journey.

Blockchain Induction - 2-Hour Workshop.png

Blockchain Induction: 2-Hour Workshop: In this workshop, Infopulse will help enterprises identify their blockchain strategy by analyzing their business challenges. Infopulse experts have a strong background in Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ethereum Private, and Hyperledger Fabric.

BOLT - 8-Wk Assessment.png

BOLT: 8-Wk Assessment: Brillio's assessment will serve as a guide and an accelerator for enterprises using Microsoft Azure in their DevOps journey. Correlated insights and predictive analytics will provide an objective view of project health.

Macquarie Cloud Services Consult - 2-hr Workshop.png

Macquarie Cloud Services Consult: 2-hr Workshop: This remote information-gathering session from Macquarie Cloud Services will deliver impartial advice, actionable insights, and a high-level executive summary to guide you on your cloud journey.

Cloud Analytics - 2 day Envisioning Workshop.png

Cloud Analytics: 2 day Envisioning Workshop: In this workshop, Columbus Global UK will focus on customer pain points and develop a solution-based road map using the latest Azure analytics technology.

Cloud Analytics - 15 day Proof of Concept.png

Cloud Analytics: 15 day Proof of Concept: In this proof of concept, Columbus Global UK will create an industry-focused production pilot centered on publishing your five key manufacturing KPIs using Azure Data Warehouse and Power BI visualizations.

Cloud Governance Framework - 6 Week Assessment.png

Cloud Governance Framework: 6 Week Assessment: In this assessment, Cloudreach will gather requirements for data governance, security, deployment automation, and more, then present you with recommendations for the cloud governance framework and the design of the target infrastructure.

Datacenter Consolidation Jumpstart 30 day Service.png

Datacenter Consolidation Jumpstart 30 day Service: RiverMeadow and Movere have integrated and simplified the complex process of IT discovery and application migration to deliver an automated, accurate, and fast solution that accelerates migration to Microsoft Azure.

Data Lake on Azure - 8-Wk Assessment.png

Data Lake on Azure: 8-Wk Assessment: In this offer, Brillio will assess as-is business and foundation scenarios. Afterward, Brillio will help build an Azure-based solution to bring all types of data together in a data lake.

Data Strategy Workshop - 2 Weeks.png

Data Strategy Workshop: 2 Weeks: This workshop by Cloudreach is a strategic engagement for enterprises struggling to formulate a vision for their data and analytics activities.

DevOps - 3-Day Workshop.png

DevOps: 3-Day Workshop: In this interactive workshop, Valence Group will audit your projects for DevOps opportunities, advise on best practices, present working demos, and discuss an Azure DevOps integration plan.

DevOps - 8-Wk Assessment.png

DevOps: 8-Wk Assessment: This assessment by Brillio serves as a guide and an accelerator for enterprises using Microsoft Azure in their DevOps journey. It will delve into processes, methods, tools, and techniques.

Housing Sector Cloud Migration - 3-Day Workshop.png

Housing Sector Cloud Migration: 3-Day Workshop: In this workshop made for housing associations and local authorities, cloudThing will assess your business-critical servers and apps, then work with you on a clear plan to migrate services to the cloud.

Legal Sector Cloud Migration - 3-Day Workshop.png

Legal Sector Cloud Migration: 3-Day Workshop: In this workshop made for legal-sector clients, cloudThing will assess your business-critical servers and apps, then work with you on a clear plan to migrate services to the cloud.

Managed Cloud Services for Azure - 10-wk PoC.png

Managed Cloud Services for Azure: 10-wk PoC: This proof of concept from T-Systems International GmbH covers consultancy services, managed services (Infrastructure-as-a-Service and Platform-as-a-Service), billing services, and operational support.

Membership Sector Cloud Migration - 3-Day Workshop.png

Membership Sector Cloud Migration: 3-Day Workshop: In this workshop made for membership organizations, chartered institutes, and professional bodies, cloudThing will assess your business-critical servers and apps, then work with you on a clear plan to migrate services to the cloud.

Microsoft Azure Cloud Migration - 1 day Assessment.png

Microsoft Azure Cloud Migration: 1 day Assessment: Have you heard about Microsoft Azure but aren’t sure how it could benefit your business? This free assessment by Katpro Technologies will inform you of Azure benefits and typical migration strategies.

Neos IT Free 1-hour Azure Migration Briefing.png

Neos IT Free 1-hour Azure Migration Briefing: This free briefing by Neos IT Services GmbH will show you what it takes to unlock the benefits of Microsoft Azure. Neos helps customers transform legacy IT infrastructure to gain a competitive advantage.

Nonprofit Sector Cloud Migration - 3-Day Workshop.png

Nonprofit Sector Cloud Migration: 3-Day Workshop: In this workshop made for charities and nonprofit organizations, cloudThing will assess your business-critical servers and apps, then work with you on a clear plan to migrate services to the cloud.

SAFE DRIVE IN CLOUD - 3 Day Assesment.png

SAFE DRIVE IN CLOUD: 3 Day Assessment: INTEGRIT S.A.'s assessment will help organizations optimize costs and identify potential threats arising from their current architecture in Azure Active Directory environments.

SAP on Azure - 6-Wk Assessment.png

SAP on Azure: 6-Wk Assessment: Brillio's SAP on Azure offer leverages its proprietary cloud and infrastructure platform, CLIP, to assess your on-premises environment and migration requirements.

Sitecore Azure PaaS Readiness - 4-Hr Assessment.png Sitecore Azure PaaS Readiness: 4-Hr Assessment: Using a 116-point checklist, Dataweavers will analyze your Sitecore solution and help you understand how to move Sitecore to Microsoft Azure. The checklist will uncover any potential blockers.
Sitecore Devops Bootstrap 3 week proof of concept.png

Sitecore Devops Bootstrap 3 week proof of concept: This proof of concept from VMLY&R will increase the speed and quality of deploying Sitecore on Microsoft Azure by identifying gaps in the technical stack and proposing an architecture that automates development.

Small Business Cloud Migration - 10-hr Assessment.png

Small Business Cloud Migration: 10-hr Assessment: Net Activity's assessment package is designed to take you step by step through the process of upgrading to the Microsoft cloud (Azure, Office 365, Intune, Azure Active Directory).

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