Azure Marketplace new offers – Volume 133
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We continue to expand the Azure Marketplace ecosystem. For this volume, 79 new offers successfully met the onboarding criteria and went live. See details of the new offers below:


Ansys Digital Twin.png

Ansys Digital Twin: Ansys Digital Twin enables industrial manufacturers to enhance asset condition monitoring, predictive maintenance, and performance with high-speed physics simulations of equipment response in electromagnetics, fluid and thermal dynamics, and structural mechanics.

Assist Plugin.png

Assist Me Plugin: Assist Me helps businesses and organizations in the United Kingdom extend web accessibility services to people with disabilities. Through Assist Me, users can visit websites and adjust presentation elements such as navigation, text color, text size, letter spacing, and line height.

C3 AI Suite.png

C3 AI Suite: The C3 AI Suite provides comprehensive services to build enterprise-scale AI applications 40 times to 100 times faster. Its extensible, model-driven abstraction layer dramatically enhances data scientist and application developer productivity.


Capisol: Integrating into on-premises or cloud IT and accounting systems, the Capisol platform takes care of all documentation and distribution needs required in day-to-day business, such as invoicing, scanning documents, linking online records, and backing up data.

Capital Markets DataHub.png

Capital Markets DataHub: DataHub ingests data from more than 80 banks, custodians, prime brokers, and other data providers to supply investment managers with analytics and consistent calculations across multiple functions. DataHub allows users to store data centrally without having to set up their own database.

CentOS 8.3.png

CentOS 8.3: This ready-to-use image from Cloud Maven Solutions provides CentOS 8.3 with TCP Networking Stack version 4.16. CentOS is a Linux distribution that's functionally compatible with its upstream source, Red Hat Enterprise Linux.

Cosmos Energy.png

Cosmos Energy: The distributive virtualized architecture of the Cosmos playout engine allows broadcasters to spin up both over-the-top and traditional TV channels in a few minutes, lowering costs.

DataVisor Device Intelligence.png

DataVisor Device Intelligence for Mobile and Web: DataVisor Device Intelligence addresses threats from device manipulation: particularly bot traffic and attacks that target mobile apps. The solution collects data at the source to detect compromised devices resulting from emulators, rooted devices, and repackaged apps.

DataVisor Enterprise.png

DataVisor Enterprise ML Pro for Fraud and AML: DataVisor Enterprise Pro enables companies building AI and machine learning models to proactively manage fraud and risk. It provides full model transparency and explainability with model governance to meet compliance requirements.

DCP Legal- Data Compliance Solution.png

DCP Legal – Data Compliance Solution: DCP Legal helps organizations manage the data governance process to comply with the GDPR in Europe and the KVKK in Turkey. DCP Legal automates the intake and fulfillment of privacy rights requests, simplifying compliance programs.

Deployment and operation for the OSDU.png Deployment and operation for the OSDU platform: Cegal's OSDU data platform as a service provides a vendor-neutral solution for exploration and production (E&P) companies in the oil and gas industry. Customers own their data and can pick and choose the apps they need, rather than being locked to the apps of a specific vendor.
ECLIPSE Social Care.png

ECLIPSE Social Care Case Management: Built with input from more than 500 social workers, ECLIPSE supports care workers who assist people with disabilities, mental illnesses, or health problems. Use ECLIPSE to reduce administration through automation and integrate client data and financial information for better decision-making.

Finabox Platform.png

Finabox Platform (Web, Apps, and Back Office): With Finabox from Bankingly, financial institutions can offer their customers high-quality online banking and mobile banking. Finabox is ideal for institutions managing less than $15 million in assets.

Gimmal Migrate.png

Gimmal Migrate: Gimmal Migrate simplifies migrations from OpenText to Microsoft 365. Gimmal Migrate's analysis wizards for discovery and deep analytics enable preplanning for your migration strategy, helping you avoid a long and complex process.

GR Manager 365.png

GR Manager 365: GR Manager 365 is designed for any organization that works with government agencies. The system integrates with Microsoft 365 to support collaboration, access privileges, confidentiality, and contact management.

iFinder Enterprise Search.png

iFinder Enterprise Search: iFinder Enterprise Search from Intrafind improves results by deploying AI to deliver smart search. The solution is optimized for Microsoft Azure and can help you centralize access while getting the information you need from structured and unstructured data.

KX Insights.png

KX Insights: This virtual machine offered by First Derivatives deploys KX Insights and its kdb+ database, which provide fast and efficient time-series streaming analytics services. Developers can use KX Insights to build and deploy cloud-native kdb+ applications on Microsoft Azure.

Lifecycle Manager 365.png

Lifecycle Manager 365: Lifecycle Manager 365 lets you create and control a schedule for purchasing, delivering, installing, and servicing complex technical equipment over its lifecycle. It operates at the project level, the account level, and the equipment level.

Logiguard Managed Service.png

LogiGuard Managed Service: LogiGuard, an AI-enabled security platform, quickly identifies threats while actively learning and protecting your business. LogiGuard can be centrally managed by Microsoft Azure Sentinel.


MAKONIUM: MAKONIUM is an all-in-one solution for time tracking and resource management. Integrated Microsoft Word templates allow easy generation of time statements, and a customer relationship management component enables direct integration instead of redundant APIs.

Microsoft SQL Server 2017 ER.png Microsoft SQL Server 2017 with ERBuilder: This virtual machine offered by Apps4Rent provides Microsoft SQL Server 2017 on Windows Server 2019, along with ERBuilder, a free visual tool for database modeling. ERBuilder allows you to manage an unlimited number of tables and create keys, views, domains, and more.
NetFoundry ZTNA.png

NetFoundry ZTNA on Private Edge Zones: NetFoundry ZTNA provides simple, zero-trust optimized connectivity between Microsoft Azure Stack Edge and any site, edge device, cloud, or application. Orchestrate and control your networks without having to manage the underlying infrastructure.

Ocerra AP Automation.png

Ocerra AP Automation: This software from Ocerra helps businesses automate the accounts payable process by using invoice data capture, workflows, integration with enterprise resource planning systems, and reporting.

Power Analytics Portal.png

Power Analytics Portal: Built on Microsoft Power BI Embedded technology, BITECHSOL's Power Analytics Portal lets you share Power BI reports with employees and external users via the web.

PriceFlow Manager 365.png

PriceFlow Manager 365: PriceFlow Manager 365 is a price calculation system designed for large enterprises that generate complex proposals involving different parameters and delivery conditions. The system tracks the reconciliation process state at each stage and generates the final proposal.

QR Code Generator.png

QR Code Generator API: qRCodeMe, also known as QR Code Creator API and qR Code Maker API, is a cross-browser REST API that software developers can use in product labeling, e-commerce, item identification, and more.


QuiQi: QuiQi enables restaurants to fulfill online orders and offer menu access via QR code. Customers scan a QR code or an NFC tag at their table with their smartphone to access the menu and pay with a credit card.

QViz.png Instance: Engineers, developers, and product managers can use's predictive quality insights to help manage release-related risks during product development.'s dashboard provides actionable information about application health and historical quality data.

SCK Groupware Gitgo.png

SCK Groupware Gitgo: SCK Groupware Gitgo is a collaboration solution that supports working in a non-face-to-face environment in connection with Microsoft Teams. It offers video conferencing, chat, document sharing, electronic payment, and more. This app is available only in Korean.

Semantix Digital Sales.png

Semantix Digital Sales: Digital Sales from Semantix is a one-stop-shop platform for e-commerce that enables businesses to manage the entire sales cycle, from generation to order management to support. This app is available only in Portuguese.

Shipstation Insights.png

Shipstation Insights: Shipstation from Kanerika is an out-of-the-box solution built on Microsoft Power BI. Designed for the logistics and distribution sectors that work with perishable goods, Shipstation enhances visibility into orders and shipment records. Users can analyze data by channel, customer, routes, and more.

Smart Connected.png

Smart Connected PIV (Power Industrial Vehicles): Built for the asset and production value chain, Birlasoft's Smart Connected PIV (Power Industrial Vehicles) enables real-time monitoring, performance analysis, and operational safety on the shop floor and in warehouses. The solution does not collect personally identifiable information.

Software Defined Network as a Service.png

Software-Defined Network as a Service: An alternative to legacy hardware and open-source VPNs, Perimeter 81's Secure Network as a Service allows users to easily set up secure connections to Microsoft Azure and on-premises resources without any external assistance. 

Sports AI Editor.png

Sports AI Editor: Data Stadium's Sports AI Editor lets you connect multiple video clips on the web without dedicated video-editing software. Create playlists and choose playback options, then share sports highlights and other clips across multiple devices. This app is available only in Japanese.

Stay in Touch 365 SaaS.png

Stay in Touch 365 SaaS: Intended for use with Microsoft Dynamics 365, Beringer Technology Group's Stay in Touch 365 searches for any active accounts, contacts, and leads who are not on an active marketing list, then creates three new marketing lists, giving you an easy way to engage.

Supplier Warranty Recovery.png

Supplier Warranty Recovery (RealWarranty): RealWarranty from Real Variable Digital Assetservices is an aftermarket supplier warranty recovery product to complement SAP or other enterprise resource planning systems used in supply chain transactions. RealWarranty is a blockchain-powered solution.

Supply Chain Collaboration.png

Supply Chain Collaboration (RealCollab): RealCollab from Real Variable Digital Assetservices provides purchase order traceability throughout the supply chain. Gain a permanent audit trail for every purchase order and track orders via RealCollab's blockchain ledger.

The Asite Platform.png

The Asite Platform: Consisting of a supply chain, a project portfolio, and an asset performance management solution, the Asite Platform enables organizations working on large capital projects to build with seamless information sharing.


ThousandEyes (By Cisco): See beyond your edge and get visibility into your networks and external dependencies outside your control. ThousandEyes provides digital experience monitoring and visibility of cloud, network, and internet dependencies.

Vecos Smart Lockers.png

Vecos Smart Lockers: Eliminating the need for keys or batteries, Vecos is an electronic locker management system on Microsoft Azure specially developed for activity-related and flexible workplaces. Vecos makes flexible and dynamic workplaces possible.

Vidispine Media.png

Vidispine Media Supply Chain: Vidispine by Arvato Systems helps centralize, organize, and distribute media and metadata. The VidiCoder service decodes and encodes all standard broadcast, film, and distribution formats.

Vidispine Production.png

Vidispine Production Asset Management: Manage video production workflows with this tool from Arvato Systems. By integrating EditMate as an Adobe panel, your editor will now be able to manage projects as well as collaborate with other editors.


ViiBE: Video can be more effective than voice communication when detailing technical incidents. ViiBE is a video assistance and ticketing web app designed for help desk support. Customers can enable the ViiBE app through their Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform to access video communication and collaborative tools.

Voca Conversational IVR.png

Voca Conversational IVR for Microsoft Teams: Voca from AudioCodes upgrades the touchtone interactive voice response (IVR) experience to a conversational one, letting calling customers talk their way through an IVR menu designed for Microsoft Teams.

WorkPoint 365.png

WorkPoint 365 Management System: WorkPoint Management System is a comprehensive solution for monitoring key performance indicators, process documentation, and non-conformity reporting so you can meet all your business needs.


Workpuls: Workpuls is employee-monitoring software intended to drive greater performance and provide insights about your people and processes. The lightweight desktop app is installed on employee devices and runs in the background, capturing activity data, such as apps being used and websites being visited.

Consulting services

6-Week Proof of Concept.png

6-Week Proof of Concept: Any Domain AI/ML/NLP/Computer Vision: IOP Technologies will build a machine learning model based on your data using Microsoft Azure Machine Learning services and other components, such as Azure Databricks, Azure Data Lake, Azure Cosmos DB, or Azure Data Warehouse.

10-Week Implementation.png

10-Week Implementation: Azure Managed Services: Do your business applications run on virtual machines on-premises? If you want to leverage the benefits of the cloud, PHAT Consulting’s DevOps, backend automation, microservices, and Kubernetes experts can help you.

Advanced Networking Service.png

Advanced Networking Service: 6-Week Implementation: SCK can build Microsoft Azure networks for high availability and increased security, configure hybrid networks, and control network flow using a network virtual appliance. This service is available only in Korean. 

AI Machine Learning Operations.png

AI Machine Learning Operations (MLOps): 10-Week Implementation: Kainos utilizes end-to-end DevOps and machine learning technologies on Microsoft Azure, industry best-practice playbooks, and model IP to enable organizations to transition from tactical to strategic use of data science.

Azure Application Modernization.png

Azure Application Modernization: 1-Week Assessment: Invoke’s offering is designed to identify and assess the feasibility and ROI of migrating one or more applications to Microsoft Azure. Your Invoke engineer will identify the applications that will deliver innovation value. 

Azure Data Analytics.png

Azure Data Analytics: 2-Week Implementation: Cloud Conduction can implement a cloud data platform, migrating your data to the cloud from over 90 types of data sources. Azure Synapse Analytics prepares your data and Microsoft Power BI enables visualization and analysis.

Azure DevOps Automation.png

Azure DevOps Automation: 3-Week Implementation: Cloud Conduction will automate deployments to any cloud with Azure DevOps. Your organization will have fully working multi-stage continuous integration/continuous delivery (CI/CD) pipelines to production.

Azure Migration Proof of Concept.png

Azure Migration Proof of Concept: 1 Week: Tener Technologies’ proof of concept provides a test bed for migrating your workloads and applications to the cloud. This engagement includes migrating an application, virtual machine, or database to Microsoft Azure. 

Azure rapid IoT.png

Azure Rapid IoT Prototyping Proof of Concept: Create your own IoT device connected to Microsoft Azure to automate business processes and provide cost-effective feedback for your project. Apollogic will test your innovative ideas to help transform your business digitally.


CANCOM AHP on Azure: 10-Day Implementation: CANCOM will develop an implementation plan for a modern workplace on Microsoft Azure with a turnkey architecture for secure access to all business-relevant applications and data. This service is available only in German. 

Cloud Adoption Accelerator.png

Cloud Adoption Accelerator: 8-Week Implementation: Following the Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework, Invero will take you from strategy and planning to skills readiness and workload migration. This white-glove solution accelerates your Microsoft Azure cloud adoption.

Cloud Migration variable.png

Cloud Migration: Variable-Length Implementation: Expertware's migration services help move your workloads to Microsoft Azure, either from on-premises datacenters or from other cloud environments, without interruption to your business operations and in line with your strategic objectives. 

Cloud Optimization variable.png

Cloud Optimization: Variable-Length Implementation: Expertware's Microsoft Azure analysis and optimization service includes monitoring and customizing your cloud environment. Data from your environment is used to identify any required tuning or optimization opportunities.

Cloud Readiness Assessment.png

Cloud Readiness Assessment: 2-Week Assessment: Logicalis Asia’s Cloud Readiness Assessment provides a rapid analysis of your IT assets and non-Azure workloads, detailing the full cost and effort involved in moving them to the cloud.

Compliance Workshop 1 Day.png

Compliance Workshop: 1 Day: Asurgent will guide you through the compliance process for Microsoft Azure, Microsoft 365, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), and the CLOUD Act. This service is available only in Swedish.

Cybersecurity 5-Day Assessment.png

Cybersecurity: 5-Day Assessment: ISOLUTIONS’ cybersecurity assessment will examine your IT environment, identify unmanaged devices, establish controls to mitigate risks, and provide a best practices report. 

Diagnostic Prediction.png

Diagnostic Prediction: 10-Week Implementation: This solution from VIQTOR DAVIS is a Microsoft Azure-based platform that predicts and ranks the likely diagnosis for a given entity ontology and set of symptoms. The entity presenting symptoms may be a human or a machine.

Do SIEM Better with.png

Do SIEM Better with Azure Sentinel: 4-Week Production Proof of Concept: Ascent Solutions can help you evaluate Microsoft Azure Sentinel and quickly get you started integrating with the Microsoft security stack and third-party data sources.

Expertware Cloud Readiness.png

Expertware Cloud Readiness Assessment: Expertware’s cloud readiness assessment ensures a smooth migration to Microsoft Azure. The assessment aims to understand your business strategy and objectives in order to create a roadmap to Azure.


Eyetech Azure Managed Service: Optimize your cloud operations with Eyetech. With a deep understanding of adoption, internet protocols, and process capabilities, the Microsoft Azure specialists can help you assess, deploy, and support your Azure environment.

Implement Azure Kubernetes Service.png

Implement Azure Kubernetes Service: 4 Weeks: Kubernetes services are becoming the norm for orchestration of containerized applications. SCK provides consulting services to build applications using Microsoft Azure Kubernetes Service. This service is available only in Korean.

Implement Azure Stack.png

Implement Azure Stack HCI & Edge Hybrid Cloud: 4 Weeks: SCK will build a Microsoft Azure hybrid cloud environment for you based on either Azure Stack Edge Pro or Azure Stack HCI, a new hyperconverged infrastructure operating system. This service is available only in Korean.

Implement Windows Virtual Desktop.png

Implement Windows Virtual Desktop: 4 Weeks: If remote work with BYOD support is required for your external users, you will need a virtual desktop infrastructure. SCK can deploy Windows Virtual Desktop on Microsoft Azure. This service is available only in Korean.

Optimize the Cloud.png Optimize the Cloud: NEC Australia will review your Microsoft Azure environment and discover, analyze, and report on cost optimization targets. Continuous monitoring of Azure service performance metrics will identify idle, unused, unoptimized, or underutilized services.
Production Ready Cloud Platform.png

Production-Ready Cloud Platform: This managed service from Logicalis is a preconfigured secure landing zone on Microsoft Azure that gives you a set of tools, documentation, and best practices to accelerate your cloud journey and enable IT transformation.

Production Ready Managed Service.png

Production-Ready Cloud Platform Managed Service: Logicalis UK’s Production-Ready Cloud is a tried-and-tested framework on Microsoft Azure to help you transform your business with a scalable and secure cloud platform delivered in a fast, cost-effective, and controlled way.

Virtual Apps.png

Virtual Apps & Windows Virtual Desktop: 2-Week Implementation: Veracloud’s Windows Virtual Desktop engagement delivers accelerated deployment to support your remote application and desktop scenarios, including legacy solutions during your application modernization journey.

WVD 1 hour briefing.png

Windows Virtual Desktop: 1-Hour Briefing: This briefing will give you an overview of how Windows Virtual Desktop along with Wipro virtuadeskTM can add value to your cloud journey. Wipro will help you understand the capabilities and cost implications of Windows Virtual Desktop.

WVD 3 week.png

Windows Virtual Desktop: 3-Week Proof of Concept: Windows Virtual Desktop combines the scalability, security, and cost benefits of Microsoft Azure and Microsoft 365. ISOLUTIONS’ offer consists of a workshop and the initial configuration of Windows Virtual Desktop resources. 

WVD implementation.png

Windows Virtual Desktop: Implementation in 5 days: Choose Mayasoft to implement Windows Virtual Desktop for your remote workers. The combination of the highly accessible infrastructure that Microsoft Azure provides and Mayasoft’s professional services ensure an excellent user experience.

WVD proof of concept.png

Windows Virtual Desktop Proof of Concept: Windows Virtual Desktop provides the ability to scale remote desktop access. RBA’s proof of concept will get your company started with Windows Virtual Desktop on Microsoft Azure using the Windows 10 multisession operating system. 

WVD Walkthrough.png

Windows Virtual Desktop Walkthrough: Free 2-Hour Workshop: In this workshop, Veracloud will demonstrate how Windows Virtual Desktop can be implemented for maximum benefit and low cost. Veracloud will provide expert recommendations for your workloads and how to achieve security and compliance.

Work from Home.png

Work From Home Using Windows Virtual Desktop: 10-Day Implementation: Cloud 9 Infosystems ensures that your employees can always work remotely by using Windows Virtual Desktop on Microsoft Azure. Cloud 9 Infosystems follows best practices and has the subject matter expertise to help you manage your workforce and environments.

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