PowerBI calls Log Analytics via query string, fails on large queries.

Patrick Naughton

It seems that PowerBI only talks to Log Analytics via an url encoded query string.


https://api.loganalytics.io/v1/workspaces/workspaceid/query?query=your url encoded query here...


If your query is large, this will get cut off after 2KB... and fail.


Is there any way to make PowerBI POST the query rather than putting it on the URL?

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If you are talking about the length of the query string, URIs are often limited to around 2k as I recall.



Were you looking for how to make PowerBI do this through POST or how to POST to AzureLogAnalytics? As I recall, both are possible:
PowerBI Post:

Azure Log Analytics:

I know urls are 2k, that was why i posted.


also, post does not work with authenticated queries.





That sounds like a better question for the PowerBI forums, as PowerBI can do POST (but apparently not authenticated POST), and Azure Log Analytics uses authenticated POST.


After a cursory look at PowerBI's data sources, it looks like Azure Log Analytics isn't currently a supported data source for Power BI. You could probably get around this by either writing a PowerShell script and storing the responses locally, or you could write a Power BI custom connector.

Ultimately, Power BI should have DirectQuery functionality with Log Analytics (like the new Grafana plugin). 

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