memory usage related query


Hi Guys, This below document gives very good output of TOP CPU consuming processes from a workspace;…/cpu-processes-azu…/


Has anyone come across similar queries which will provide us the top Memory consuming processes? Please suggest.

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Two things:


1. You need to tell Log Analytics to collect Perf (or Linux Perf counters) that relate to a process and memory.  


Log Analytics - Advanced Settings - Data - "Windows Perf Counter" then type a filter like "process(*)" to see the list



Use the Top query option, like this (sample below) which shows a Top 10 for memory kbytes

Go to Log Analytics and run query

| where ObjectName == "Process"
| where CounterName == "Used Memory kBytes"
| summarize by CounterValue, InstanceName
| top 10 by CounterValue desc 


From that link you provided, you would need to change the Countername to match the one you selected in step 1