InvalidManagedServicesPlan when updating existing private plan

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Issue: Customer has existing Private Managed Services plan from marketplace. We need to update the offer to include the Intune Administrator role. That role is not supported by commercial marketplace UI so we need to use ARM templates. The marketplaceDelegatedResourceManagement.parameters file has been prepared with the exact proper data and verified multiple times. Getting the following error, please any tips on progressing. Thank you, John


PS /home/user> New-AzDeployment -name lighthouseUpdating -Location $location -TemplateFile $lighthouseTemplate -TemplateParameterFile $lighthouseTemplateParameters -verbose
VERBOSE: 2:23:54 AM - Template is valid.
VERBOSE: 2:23:57 AM - Create template deployment 'lighthouseUpdating'
VERBOSE: 2:23:57 AM - Checking deployment status in 5 seconds
New-AzDeployment: 2:24:03 AM - The deployment 'lighthouseUpdating' failed with error(s). Showing 1 out of 1 error(s).
Status Message: The provided plan details in the registration definition were not found. (Code:InvalidManagedServicesPlan)
CorrelationId: ef85e985-2649-4fff-baf5-3cd2ebd56593

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@John_Joyner I spoke to the Engineering team and they said that Azure Lighthouse doesn’t support classic admin or custom roles - we only support Azure AD built-in RBAC roles and this is not one of them.


Hope this helps!