'You're not eligible for an Azure free account' when trying to sign up with .edu domain account


Hi Team,


I am not sure if this is a suitable place I can raise this however since I was not sure whom to reach I dared to write it here. Apologies in advance.


A university student with .edu domain when trying to sign up for Azure for Students account at https://azure.microsoft.com/en-us/free/students/ is prompting with following message although the expectation was that- a 100$ Azure account would be immediately provisioned.



However, later when I checked into https://www.microsoftazuresponsorships.com/ with the same login, I could see 100$ balance but without a subscription.




Now, I am unable to use this 100$ worth credit. Is there a way to access this offer? Am I missing something here?


PS: Until a month before, it was possible for student users in the same .edu.np domain to sign up for an active Azure for Student subscription with 100$ credit.


Many thanks for your attention. 



Pradeep Kandel

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Hi @Pradeep Kandel - unfortunately we can't help in this area.  The best next step would be to follow up here:  https://azureforeducation.microsoft.com/en-us/institutions/Contact .



Pete Hauge [MSFT]

Many thanks to you @PeterHauge for your suggestion. I have created a SR with the link. Finger crossed.