Windows 10 image missing in Marketplace images

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When I browse Marketplace in I can select Windows 10 just fine (and create a VM) but in azure lab services there is no Windows 10 image in "Marketplace Images". What am I missing?

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Thanks Aleksander - I am following up with the product team to see if this is a known issue since I'm also able to repro this. I will update this thread when I find out more. Thanks, Nicole
We opened a ticket with Microsoft, TrackingID#2109020010002362, and they gave us a workaround to create a custom image using a Windows 10 VM and put the image in our own Lab Image Gallery. That worked. But I'm seeing the same thing - no Microsoft provided images for Windows 10 available.
I was searching around and found your thread and it's not just Windows 10. Pretty much all Microsoft base OS VMs are missing from the Azure Labs Marketplace. They are visible from the main Azure Portal however. Is there a link to the workaround?
@ChrisJM i was instructed to create a Windows 10 Azure VM in the same region as my labs.  Then i was instructed to follow these instructions to sysprep, generalize, and capture an image from the VM to a Shared Image Gallery . 

Create a Shared Image Gallery - Azure Virtual Machines | Microsoft Docs 
Generalize a VM before creating an image - Azure Virtual Machines | Microsoft Docs 
Capture an image of a VM using the portal - Azure Virtual Machines | Microsoft Docs
The product team is currently working on a fix for this issue with the marketplace images not showing - I will update the thread when the fix is officially rolled out.
Here is a link to a blog post that shows how you can create a custome Linux\Windows image on an Azure VM and bring it into Shared Image Gallery:

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This issue with marketplace images has now been fixed in all regions. Thanks for everyone's patience while this issue was being resolved.