VMs are stuck in starting/stopping state


Hi All,

A small number of customers, when using a lab plan, are experiencing issues with virtual machines getting stuck in starting state. We are actively working on resolving the issue. If you hit the issue, please proceed to open a support ticket for it.


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Fawad Khan


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@Fawad Khan 

We're still experiencing the issue of stop and start state and I am having issues submitting a ticket. Additionally, how can I remotely shutdown these machines?  I've tried using PowerShell 'shutdown' command, but the command won't allow me using the IP address within the course lab.  Also, how is Microsoft going to handle the time being assessed to the VMs and thus billing to our University?

Hi All,
We have now implemented a workaround/fix in the backend for this issue, where refreshing the page will fix the VM stuck in a start or stop state for both the educator and the student virtual machines. You will see a yellow banner, on top of the page, referring to the same when the educator goes to the Template or the Virtual machine pool pages. The student will also see the same banner when they go to start/stop the virtual machine in the labs portal.

If this fix doesn't resolve the issue fo you, go ahead and create a support ticket for us.

Hello @cgoot380
Just recently, we deployed a fix in our backend to resolve these start/stop stuck issues. Please try that. For VM not stopping and to ask for a refund for that please open a support request.