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I have in VM in my lab that has been stuck in a starting state since this morning. The machine is lab-cfbedd8e-9349-431a-b614-3c573a23bc5e.southcentralus.cloudapp.azure.com. The name of the lab is DEI_320D. I currently have 2 machines in the lab - the other can be stopped and started without an issue, and the template machine also seems to be fine. 


The VM got in this state when the professor trying to use it was adjusting display sizing and other settings in RDP - this may not have been the cause, but it was what was happening when the machine stopped. Then it got stuck in the starting state when he restarted it.


Can someone force the machine into a stopped state so we can attempt to re-start it? Also, are there things the lab owner can do to deal with issues like this without having to contact support? It seems like my only option would be to delete and recreate the VM if it stays stuck in the starting state.



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Hi@chipzx - the best next step is to open a support ticket to get the product team engagement ASAP.  When you open the support ticket, please include the lab resource ID & VM information (screenshots are a great addition too) so the team can investigate & fix.


In terms of enabling customers to resolve this on their own -  I know the team is investigating options on this front but there haven't been any new features delivered yet for this.



~Pete [MSFT]