Usage statistics for Azure Labs

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We have been using Azure Lab Services for quite a while, but I cannot find any usage statistics. I get the billing info from Cost Management.


Examples of what I am looking for: 


- Number of labs

- VM Type

- Running hours pr. vm pr. lab


Is this available anywhere?

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Hi @Geodude ,

We've been working on a 3-part series of blog posts that show how you can tie together data from Cost Management along with usage data that can be pulled using PowerShell. Using this approach, you will be able to track usage data by lab, by VM and also tie this information to each user.

Here are the first two posts that have been published:


1.)  Part 1: Power BI reports for Azure Lab Services - Visualization Cost Management Data

2.)  Part 2: Power BI reports for Azure Lab Services - Visualizing Lab Information


Stay tuned for the third upcoming post within the next few weeks.