Usage statistics for Azure Lab Services

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We have a lab class where it consists of multiple instructors and students. How can we tell which instructor turned on the student virtual machine and the duration for the virtual machine that was turned on? Are there any statistics or information that we can extract out?


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I may need to understand your scenario better - I'll try answering and please let me know if you still have questions.

I'm assuming that you're wanting to get usage stats\reports on how long each student has used their VM for within a lab. Note that it's not possible to determine who started a VM (whether by the instructor or by the student). We recently published a 3 part blog post that shows how to build a PowerBi report that reports both usage and cost information for each VM\user of a lab:

I'll be interested to know if these posts are helpful to your scenario. If these don't address what you're looking for, please share more details on your scenario.