Unable to access Azure "My Virtual Labs", via an AEC link

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A link has been sent to me to access this in Microsoft Azure Lab Services however I cannot get past the message - Registering for your Lab"  -  You do not have permission to access this lab.

Can you kindly advise what I need to do thanks?


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You will need to contact the administrator\IT who deployed the labs that are being used for your training. They will be able to help you further troubleshoot and log a support ticket if needed.
Thanks, Nicole

@cgorrie04gmailcomSame thing with me. I rang the AEC and they said not to trouble yourself, instead read the 2 PDF files attached to the email.   I think you'll end up with frustration if you try to use this thing


I'm sorry to hear you are running into an issue. I'm not familiar with how AEC sets up their labs, so let me give you a few things to check.

  1. Verify you are using the same email address that the register link was sent to.
  2. Verify you have tied your gmail account to Microsoft Account. (See How to access a lab in Azure Lab Services - Azure Lab Services | Microsoft Docs for explanation.)  If you haven't, go to Microsoft account | Sign In or Create Your Account Today – Microsoft to create a new account.  Enter your Gmail account email address when prompted for an email address.

If neither of the above help, you'll need to contact AEC.  They will need to check their lab user list and possible lab restriction settings.  They might need the register code sent to you to find the lab you are assigned to.


Hope this helps,


We have also notified AEC so that they are aware of the issues that you are facing.