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I've been trying to increase the capacity of the virtual machine pool for a few different labs, but they have been stuck all day at the "Creating..." state.  Is there an issue with my account?  Anything information would be appreciated.



Nick Hindy

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I'm also unable to publish updated templates; I get an error every time that reads, "Unable to publish the template because an error has occurred."

@Nicholas_Hindy I am getting the EXACT same behavior when attempting to publish a template that has been updated. This has been happening for the last day and a half. I have tried multiple times as well as removed VMs and retried all to no avail

Azure Labs IS clearly experiencing some sort of infrastructure issue. It would be nice at least to get an acknowledgement from MS and or someone who might be in the know.

Thanks !  -john

Hi Nick - are you still seeing this issue? If you're using Lab Accounts - we had a service issue that would cause this behavior (VMs stuck at "Creating") that's since been fixed. The fix for this (only works for labs using Lab Accounts) is to scale the lab up by 1 and then scale it back down by 1.

If this doesn't work for you (or if you're using Lab Plans), could you open a support ticket? Either that, or you can send me a direct message - please include the Resource Id of your lab and whether you're using Lab Accounts or Lab Plans.

~Pete Hauge [ MSFT ]
Hi John & Nick - I heard of someone else running into this too. If you're still seeing this issue, could you please either send me a direct message or open a support ticket? We need the Lab's resource Id to investigate.

~Pete Hauge [ MSFT ]