Shutdown or Poweroff in Linux not registering in the Lab Services dashboard

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We do have lab services VMs in CentOS 8 in particular, when I shutdown via the command line (shutdown -h now) it seems the Lab Services pool's status/state still running and quota hours still counting. 


I don't have an idea what process or command that interface with it in the azure? so probably the issue is there, I tried to Power off via GUI asked me for an administrator password when my existing account is an admin one - seems also there's a policy in place over this.


Or does anyone experience with other Linux distributions? Or probably this features only works well on Windows OS?



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@tahder Thank you for the question. Irrespective of OS type, if the OS shutdown command, or other shutdown mechanisms are used, it will not result in shutting down the VM. When this happens, from the perspective of Azure Lab Services, the VM is still being used.


Azure Lab Services' stop button needs to be used to turn off the VM or auto-shutdown settings can be configured. Hope this helps!