Number of VM per lab


hello , 

i want to ask if the labs  in the lab account is specified with a number of VMs 

and if there is a limit capacity to each type of instance 


thank you 

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Hi @afrah92a -


There is a limit of 400 VM per lab that applies no matter which VM size is selected for the lab.


There are also a few other limits that you need to be aware of:

* All Azure subscriptions have an initial limit that restricts how many VMs you can create.  You will need to submit a support ticket to have this limit raised.

* You also need to ensure that if you're creating a large number of VMs, that you create your labs in a region that has sufficient capacity of the VM size that you need.  This is especially important if you plan to use GPU sizes.


Here is a blog post that talks more about both of these limits: VM Subscription Limits and Regional Capacity - Microsoft Tech Community