Lab VM's Stuck on Starting and Resetting of VM's Stuck on Creating

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This appears to be an almost identical issue to the one earlier posted by @dtnbb , Most students are having issues with their lab vm's not being able start/shut down. I have been trying to reset a single vm for over 3 hours.

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Are you using the pre-April 2022 Update version of the service?  If so, please reduce the lab capacity by one and then increase it again.  This will reset the publishing process in the back end.  If that doesn't work, please log a support ticket (


If you are using the April 2022 Update version of the service, please log a support ticket.


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@planetmaher   Thank you Elizabeth much appreciated! I will be sure to create a trouble ticket and try your technique next time. The situation seems to have resolved itself over the weekend (?).... well at least the VM was no longer "Creating..." and I was able to remote into it which leads me to suspect all was not as green as what the Azure system status indicator would have lead me to believe. I wound up recreating the student account in the interim so the student was not impacted. Thank you once again.