Lab Services - VMs not being created in the machine pool

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Been trying to create new VMs in a existing lab host pool for a few days. They are all sitting on 'Creating..'. I have tried to increase / decrease the host pool size, removed some additional labs as well as removing my own allocated VM from the lab. Nothing has changed for at least 2 days. Any advice welcome. I have already check the logs in the Lab Services node for that lab and there are no errors.
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@LGoldsborough330 - When labs get stuck in a "creating" state, it often indicates that Azure Lab Services is unable to properly allocate VMs to your lab.


I would recommend logging a support ticket so that we can ensure that your subscrition\labs are able allocate the number of VMs for the VM size and region(s) that you need.


While I recommend logging a support ticket, another option you could also try is deleting\recreating the lab which may automatically resolve the issue you're seeing.  Also, if your lab is large (such 100+ VMs), you may also restructure the lab into several labs that have a smaller number of VMs in each one.  For example, instead of having a lab with 100 VMs, you could create two labs each with 50 VMs.  These options work best when your labs aren't using VNet peering (which ties you to a specific region) - if you're not using VNet peering, Azure Labs has greater flexibility to allocate VMs to you within any region of your Lab Account's location\geography.