Lab Creator and Lab Contributors can't see the Labs

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I have assigned the Roles above to our new team member but for some reason, he can not see the labs created by other users. I have tried various scopes such as subscription, Lab account, and the resource but had no result.


From what I understand of the Role description, he should be able to see the Virtual machines, Start, Stop, Reset them, and more. 


Or is it so, that the Contributor and the Creator can only see the labs that they have created and not those by others? 




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Hi Masih,

By default, users can only see the labs that they create.

For a user to see another person's labs, they must be assigned as a Contributor\Owner to the lab. Here is more information on this:

Note that when you add an Owner\Contributor at the lab level, they must also have Read permission on the Lab Account.

Hope this helps.