How to retire Azure Lab Server

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Azure Lab Service wants to suspend for about 2 months.
The reason is to prevent someone from accessing and incurring charges.
We plan to start the service again in 2 months.
In this regard, please provide a method or guidance.

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@imesungkyulonmicrosof, Lab services is designed so that you delete the labs once you are done with them, any customizations of the template VM would be exported to the Shared image gallery.  If you want to keep the labs and keep the students from accessing the labs, then you can just remove all the students from the labs.  But the teachers will still have access to the template VMs.  Does this cover your situation?

It is also be possible to take away the rights of the teachers.
Another option is to set a lab's quota to zero hours and ensure that a schedule isn't enabled for the lab.