disk space is a problem in Azure labs

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Disk space in Azure labs can get a problem. E.g. I'm using a Win2019 Hyper-V Server, and the lab environment for my students are the VMs on that system. 

Even with differencing VM disks the end of disk space is quickly reached when using several VMs.

RAM and Cores aren't a problem - but disk space!

My interim solution is deduplication - but nothing is better than more disk space!




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There is a user voice suggest logged: Be able to add additional disk space to the VMs – Customer Feedback for ACE Community Tooling (azure... If you could vote on it, assuming you haven't already, that would be helpful in future planning.  Comments regarding your specific setup would be helpful as well.


If you haven't read it already, I would suggest reading Nested Virtualization Tips - Microsoft Tech Community