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Hi, I am currently using LAB Services to set up multiple LABs inside my organisation for training purposes. Currently we are running 2 LAB Accounts, one "Main-LAB" where Trainees get invited for trainings and a second "Trainer-LAB" where trainers are creating the necesarry documents for the trainings and/or to test the environment. 


My "problem" with this setup is that I find it quite hard to maintain the same template versions on both LABs at the same time. To give you an example, the trainers are giving me feedback that in order to make the trainings they need an update or some slight changes to the "Main-LAB" template. Currently any change I am doing on the "Main-LAB" I have to manually redo on "Trainer-LAB" to replicate the same setup.


Hence my question, is there a way to take over the template of the "Main-LAB" to the "Trainer-LAB"? My idea was to export from "Main-LAB" the template into the Shared Image Gallery, and from there to overwrite my current "Trainer-LAB" Template with that. But I couldn't find any way to do that. 


Alternative will be to create a new "LAB" with the new exported Image, but I also couldn't find a way to transfer the existing VMs from a LAB to the newly created LAB. (My subscription has a limited amount of VMs so if they are blocked to a specific LAB, I won't be able to create a new one).

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Hi there, unfortunately we currently don't have a way to move a template from one lab to another. I'll take this as feedback to put on the backlog. Quick question - do trainers want to change/update the Main-LAB's template while a training program is ongoing? Or is it that they want to grab a copy of the Main-Lab's VM setup and update it in a test lab?
I think the best option would be to keep the "Main-LAB" template VM image as the source of truth, and whenever you need to test new setup, create a new test lab from the image that's saved to a shared image gallery. You'd have to delete the old test lab and create the new lab.