change Azure Lab Services template VM

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I created an AZ Lab Services template with Windows Server 2019 Datacenter and nested virtualization. The biggest image I could get was 32GB RAM , 8 vcores and a disk of126GB.

I want to build some nested VMs on that machine, and 32GB could be a little low. Same with disk size, some more space might be helpful.

Is there a way to change the template VM after having created it?




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@fgclodt the largest size that we have available for nested virtualization is the Large size, which is 8 Cores 32 GB.  Note that once you've created a lab, you cannot change the size of the VM.  Can you provide more details on your scenario to understand the limitations that you are running into with this particular VM size - for example, how many nested VMs and what type of software are they using?