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I have started multiple VM's in Azure Labs.  I have tried to connect to all of them via RDP.  I cannot connect.  

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@jnwang2020, sorry to hear that you are having issues using RDP to connect to your VMs.  I have a few questions to understand your scenario better and included a few tips that may help:

1.) Are you using Linux or Windows VMs?  To help with setting up RDP with Linux, refer to the following doc: Enable graphical remote desktop for Linux in Azure Lab Services - Azure Lab Services | Microsoft Doc...

2.) Is the machine that you are using RDP from connected to a VPN?  There sometimes can be issues with VPNs - I recommend to try connecting from machine that is *not* connected to a VPN.

3.)  Is your lab account peered to a VNet?

4.) Could a firewall be blocking your RDP connection?  Firewall settings for Azure Lab Services - Azure Lab Services | Microsoft Docs


Also, sometimes it can take several minutes for a VM to fully start before you can successfully connect using RDP.  Please trying to wait up to 5 minutes to ensure this isn't the issue.