Azure Labs VM unable to connect to started VM

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We use Azure Lab Services for out Lab in our Classroom.  Periodically a few of the VMs will power on, after taking nearly 20 minutes, but be unable to login to or PING from inside the Virtual Network on other VMs.   We have tried starting and stopping the VMs and still they do not come online after waiting for even an hour in some cases. The Remote Desktop Links in Azure Labs do not work because it just times out, just like the PINGs from inside the environment.  I have a support Plan as "Developer" that covers emailing support, but there is no way for me to find the address to email it to.  


Can I get some support on how to contact support?  We do not want to "Reset" the VM as we have in the past because this causes many hours of work to get the VM back to the same state as other VMs in the lab, we have been building on these VMs for nearly 6 weeks now. 

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Hi @LucasAdmin, I'm sorry to hear you are running into these issues.  There was an outage last week that caused issues with connecting to VMs - this may have been the root cause of your issue:


To log a support ticket, you will need access to the Azure subscription - you can then use the Azure portal ( and type Help + Support in the search bar where you have the option create a new support request.  


Let us know if you still have questions on this.