Azure Labs user assignment to virtual machines

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    Just wanted to ask: once a user is registered and assigned to a VM, does he get assigned to that VM forever?


   Is it possible for two different users to be assigned to the same VM?


   We're concerned about the students' file access. e.g.  student could be assigned to VM #1 for this session, then to VM #5 the next time he/she connects. It would be a nightmare to track down their files.









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Once a student registers and is assigned a VM for the lab - that VM (and corresponding disk) are assigned to that student for the lifetime of that lab. 


Also, it is *not* possible for multiple students to be assigned the same VM.


Each time the student connects to their assigned VM, they will have access to the same disk - all of their files, settings, etc. will be preserved in between sessions.  However, since labs are designed for faculty\IT to delete them once the class is over, we do recommend that students back up their work separately from the VM, such as to OneDrive.


Hope this helps!


thanks Nicole, much appreciated:grinning_face: