Azure Lab VM do not start

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Today all virtual machines in my Lab aren't starting (including the Template). The status is showing "Starting" but nothing happens.


I have checked the Azure Status page but it shows all green.


Does anyone knows what this can be?

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I have the same problem as you since this morning 8h30 (utc+1h fr).
We are recreating a lab for another group, the lab is in creation since 11:00 am it is 12:30 pm, while everything is green on the Azure status.
Did you get an answer from your side?
Someone would have a solution

Thank you in advance


No solution so far.


I have browsed stack overflow and looks like similar things were happening in past. The reason was outage of VM service. 

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@olegkarasik1  There was a Virtual Machine outage declared at 5:12 UTC.  Please see Azure status history | Microsoft Azure for details.



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