Azure Lab Services Backup and Restore (previous versions)

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I'm working with several Higher Education organisations who have an immediate requirement to provide a remote student leaning platform for September. However, their students need the ability to restore the virtual machine to a previous state in the event they misconfigure something which they currently use snapshots within VMware workstation. Is this possible with Azure Lab Services?   

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@edwardhumphrey depending on your scenario\needs, you have several different options:

1.) For situations where part of the assignment is to have a student install software or make configurations changes their VM gets into a bad state, the lab owner has the ability to reset an individual's student VM so that the image from the template VM is reapplied (this will reimage the student's VM).  

2.) If they are using Windows, they can create restore points using System Restore.

3.) Also, you could consider using nested virtualization where students have full control over the nested VMs, including creating checkpoints.