Azure Lab Services access via Azure AD B2C

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I have a need to make desktop-based legacy training material available to a geographically distant population. I believe Azure Lab Services provides the platform to do this.

One requirement I have is that students use existing accounts to authenticate to the student VMs.
Many will have non-Microsoft accounts.

Can I leverage Azure AD B2C ? If this scenario is available, a student could use an existing Facebook account to access a student VM. Is this possible?

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Hi @VinceO,


Currently Azure Labs supports the following accounts:


  • An email account that is provided by your organization’s Azure Active Directory (AAD)
  • A Microsoft email account, such as,,, or
  • A non-Microsoft email account, such as one provided by Yahoo or Google. However, these types of accounts must be linked with a Microsoft account
  • A GitHub account – must be linked with a Microsoft account

Refer to the following blog post for more information: