Azure lab machines stuck in "creating"

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Only created 15 VMs or so, all are stuck in the "creating" state, even after being left overnight...  Is there anyway to reset them all, delete them all and start over or something?  I can't start the class if there aren't VMs to connect to.  Seems this defeats the entire purpose of your Azure Labs suite.

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Hi - I'm sorry to hear these are stuck in the creating state! Creating VMs should only take around ~20 min if you're using a marketplace image and sometimes a bit longer (but not overnight) if replication is needed for an Azure Compute Gallery image... Please open a support ticket for the team to address, or you can send me a message directly with more details (subscription ID, resource group name, lab account name & lab name) and I can follow up.

- Peter Hauge [MSFT]


Hi Pete, I am in the same situation with quite a few labs stuck in creating. I had a look and we have exceeded the limit on cors and labs. We are an educational institution making use of lab services for our cs classes this year. We have around 1200 students completing at least 8 prac modules each  (on ALS). Our classes start on Monday. We have lodged support ticket trackingID#220225003000113. We would really appreciate any help in getting our quotas increased.  

Thank you so much. 


@sarinatill thanks for reaching out with the ticket #!  I'm following up with the product team and will send you a direct message as well.


Pete [MSFT]

Thank you so much! I have replied Vai email.