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I have problem with my Ubuntu 18.04 LTS lab computer. Before publishing template I must disable both Automatic shutdown & disconnect or machines aren't created to virtual machine pool when I publish it. All I get it status message "Creating". See picture.


If I disable auto shutdown & disconnect, machines are created, but when trying to enable those features I'm stuck again in "Applying settings".


It is really important to enable these features, since students can easy spend their quota if machine is no turn off.


Any suggestions?





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We have the same issue with Windows computers. Tried it again in the same tenant / subscription with the same network connection => same behavior.
Tried it in an other tenant with no network connection, it worked like it should.
No solution yet.
Hi @JJ_oamk, @Patrick,
Is this issue still happening for you? If it is, could you help log a support ticket? Here is the link:

Hi @jieun-msft,


I made a support ticket. I have tried multiple times after my first message and the problem is still happening. 


I'll let you know once I get more info.



Still have this issue and a supportticket for it.

@Patrick Wahlmüller,


There are some known issues with Ubuntu 18.04, especially if using GNOME/MATE as your desktop. We added some information to the Lab Services FAQ. Please see


Hope that helps,