Adding external storage to the Azure Lab Services Template

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I have a domain joined Lab environment and I'm looking for the best way to provide external storage to our lab machines. In our lab, we use Windows machines but in the future, we'll use Linux as well. 

I'd like the drive to be mounted to the lab's VM, at startup so that the students don't have to do any further configurations. In other words, is it possible to mount the drive to the template? If yes, how?

Microsoft suggests many ways to use an external drive here.

If I want only the owner of the file to have read/write access to the files, which of the methods mentioned in the suggestions should I pick? 


Thank you!

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@Masih17 The Azure files with identity based would be your best choice.  Use external file storage in Azure Lab Services - Azure Lab Services | Microsoft Docs That gives you the per file control that you need.