Why I don't see "properties"-column on my Azure-IoT-Central Device?

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I just started learning Azure-IoT-Central yesterday.

I tried the demo "dtmi:com:example:Thermostat;1"

  • It has a writable property.
  • I can see: "About, Overview, Command..."
  • But why I don't see the "properties"-column? 
  • (Please see screenshot)


Any hint? Thanks!


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The About tab is where you should see the properties if you have added the said properties in the model before generating the default views
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Note that when using the "Create default views" feature, you will only see a tile for displaying the property (even if it's writable). In order to have a tile where you can edit the property to change it on the device, you need to add a new view in the device template and select the form type ("Editing device and cloud data"). To add a new view, go to the device template, click on "Views" then select "Editing device and cloud data", then select your writable property from the list, save and publish the template, then you should see the writable property in this new Form column


Thanks a lot!  I got the new column (see below)

  • A Quick question: how can I change the column order?
  • (like move "Form11" after "overview")


I don't think this is possible, but certainly a great feature request for the IoT Central team. Feel free to suggest it here: