Vision AI Dev Kit integration with UWP application

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I'm looking for integrating Vision AI Dev Kit camera with sort of WinUI3 or UWP application on Windows 10 for local display of camera output (prediction labels, confidence score etc.). Please can someone guide with any link available for designing custom XAML application for this sort of functionality. The functionality is triggered from the need of offline use of AI camera for reducing the dependency on internet. Thank you in advance for all interested friends and for contribution of your valued thoughts.

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The Vision AI Devkit can stream video over RTSP protocol which can be used on a local network (simple router with DHCP server and no Internet connection). See
Another option is to use the HDMI out which will display the camera with bounding boxes. If you want to use this video out in a Windows app, you can consider using a USB video capture card (that converts HDMI to USB) and use the video stream in your Windows app as if it were a regular USB camera


Thanks Olivier for your valued thoughts and for finding special time to respond to my query. Both the options suggested by you are cool and I would try both options in the short course possible. By any chance if you come across one UWP App implementing this concept, do let me know. Without it though, thanks very much for your help. 


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