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Hello friends.


I am new to azure but not new to iot-dev.


My question is more of a theoretical nature. We as a bussines in the industry wanna build a solution for our costumer to control and track some sensor data of their device. 
At the end of the journey we wanna offer to our costumers the following: user A can login with their account and track and and controll their specific devices. User B can do the same with their devices and so on. We as a service manage to „add“ their devices to the iot-world (with a hardware device that we have build)  and manage the useroles to their devices. For this we will collect a small fee/month


my question now. Has someone exp. If azure iot center is the right tool to follow? Our first plan (until now) is to build our own webapplication. But from what i researched until now about azure center,m should have everything what we need to fullfill our goal?


has anyone thoughts about it? I am happy to hear them


thank you

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Hi - when you say “User A can track and control their own device” do you mean using the data, setting up rules / jobs / exports etc as well as overall management (e.g, Device Twins, updates etc ) ?

My company uses IoT central and we can set up users, organisations, roles etc to give different set of access to the user. For example, we have given a very basic “watcher” role access where the user can see the device and its data but can’t do anything more than that whereas other roles can setup and manage Rules to trigger actions,, Jobs etc. They can manage devices to a certain extent.

Note that multi-tenancy is not supported natively in IoT Hub at this time. That said we have documentation providing guidance on how this can be achieved: