On the IoT Show: Introducing Spatial Operations for Azure Maps

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The ability to analyze data is a core facet of the Internet of Things. Azure Maps Spatial Operations will take location information and analyze it on the fly to help inform our customers of ongoing events happening in time and space. The Spatial Operations we are launching consist of  Geofencing, Buffer, Closest Point, Great Circle Distance and Point in Polygon. We will demonstrate geofencing capabilities, how to associate fences with temporal constraints so that fences are evaluated only when relevant, and how to react to Geofence events with Event Grid. Finally, we will talk about how other spatial operations can support geofencing and other scenarios.

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Tutorial on how to setup a geofence using Azure Maps

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@Olivier Bloch 


Is it possible to get the demo code used in the presentation?  I need to set up a demo for our management to show the capabilities of geofence notifications and this would be a great launching point.



@JohnWright6853 The demo shown in that video isn't yet online as it is primarily a demo and not a good code sample (yet). There is however a tutorial on using the geofencing API here: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/azure/azure-maps/tutorial-geofence 

@rbrundritt   Okay thanks.  Yes, I have been through the demo you suggested and I am getting geo fencing hits.  I was just hoping to use that demo as a proof of concept for my management to get the go ahead to pursue this further.  Any anticipation on when this code will be made available?


I appreciate your help.