Noob Question - Changing Data Sent to IoT Hub (deserialization)

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Hi All 

I have successfully set up a python script to send telemetry data from a sensor to IoTHub and stream the data to PowerBI and an AzureDB Table. This is working well and we are excited about it. However, we have adjusted the Python Script to add and send some additional fields in JSON format. We are now receiving deserialization errors in the streaming analytics job on the input. I cannot seem to find a way to troubleshoot this. How can we make these changes? Do we need to recreate the streaming jobs? 

Any help is appreciated 

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@CharleSutton2020 , it sounds like whether your serialization on the device side is incorrect or you need to update your ASA query.

to check that the messages landing in IoT Hub (before being sent to ASA) are in the format you expect, I recommend you use the IoT Explorer tool to see what's in your messages body.

If it's the format expected, then you should be able to stop the ASA job, adapt your query and then restart the job