New "OSConfig" preview oppty: Host OS level config management for Azure IoT with Linux


Have you ever needed to observe or configure host level device settings for your IoT/Edge devices? Common examples include proxy server settings, host names, time zones, security benchmarks, firewall rules, ssh users and keys, and so on. OSConfig is designed to make it feasible to do these things in an Azure IoT context (Digital Twins, Digital Twin Definition Language, IoT Plug and Play, Automatic Device Management, etc.).


OSConfig is a compact and efficient device-side configuration management agent for Linux and Azure IoT. OSConfig enables you to configure and observe host level settings and state on Azure IoT/edge devices. OSConfig is used at deployment time and throughout the lifetime of the device.


OSConfig, by enabling management of configurations, compliments Device Update for IoT Hub (for managing updates), Defender for IoT (for managing threats), and IoT Edge runtime (for managing AI workloads).


We are looking for a small set (to start out with) of folks to go on this journey together.

  • If configuration management is important to you, and you are willing to use OSConfig and provide feedback, please contact me via direct message here on techcommunity. I will send you the instructions for next steps.
  • If configuration management is important to you, but you aren't ready to try OSConfig, feel free to comment on this post or message me. I would love to hear about your configuration management scenarios.
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