Navigating the intelligent edge: answers to top questions


Over the past ten years, we have seen embedded IoT devices get progressively smarter and more connected, running software intelligence near the point where the data is being generated within a network. And having memory and compute capabilities at the intelligent edge solves multiple conundrums related to connectivity, bandwidth, latencies, and privacy/security.

Of course, each device that connects to a network brings the challenge of how to secure, provision, and manage them. It raises issues of privacy requirements, data regulations, bandwidth, and transfer protocols. And when you have thousands of devices connecting to each other and broader systems like the cloud, all this can get very complex, very quickly.

In this blog post, I list some of the most frequent questions around the intelligent edge and examples of how Azure solutions can help simplify securing, provisioning, and managing it. To hear more in-depth thoughts on this topic, join me and some of my colleagues on October 10 as I moderate a panel session at the IoT in Action event in Santa Clara.



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